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An Ordinary Life?

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Pete looks all over the house but there is still no sight of Leah Dan.

Pete's mobile phone rings

Pete:Peter baker!

Dan: As much as I don't want to be telling you but Leah wants you!

Pete: Dan what have you done........

Dan: Its Leah she is in hospital.

Pete: Dan you stay away from her else.......

Pete and Jack arrive at the hospital.

Peter runs down the corridor to find Leah asleep in one of the hospital beds.

Leah wakes up.

Leah: Pete Im so glad you hear

(Pete walks over to Leah bedside)

Pete: Leah what happened?

Leah: Its the baby!

(Pete looks really emotional)

The doctor walks in.

Doctor: Can we talk in privete

Leah What ever has got to be said can be said infront of Pete

Doctor: Im sorry but you have lost the baby!

Leah bursts in to tears.

Dan is watching by the door as Pete comforts Leah.

Irene place

Scott is coming back from Work to collect Noah but when he arrivs at Irenes him or Irene are no where to be found. Scott frantically rings her mobile but there is no answer just as he is about to Leave he notices a letter on the back door saying I have gone out for lunch.

hope you dont mind love irene and Noah

2 hours later

Pete leaves the hospital and goes back to his flat.

As Pete is walking back to his flat he hears someone talking loudly to someone.

Pete: Who's there?

(there is movement in the bush)

voice: GO AWAY!!!!!

Pete walks further in to the bush towards the cliff side.

as he goes further in he see's one of Dudlys righ hand mans holding his brother at gun point.

Pete: Im his brother Ill give you what ever you want?

man: All I want is this guy to be dead!

Pete: please don't ill give you 10,000 to go live you life some where and no one will know!

(the man ties dan to the tree then puts handcuffs on him)

the man points the gun towards Pete and says we will go get the money together and he walks towards Pete with he gun to his back.

Pete walks over to the Flat to get his bank card and some cash.

As there walking over Pete gets the man talking then Pete quickly turns round knocking the gun out of his hand and gets the man to the ground.

Jack rushes out and handcuffs him and takes him to the police station.

Pete tells Jack he will be there soon and rushes over to free Dan.

Dan: thanks...

Pete: are we ok now?

Dan: no were not your cuddling up to my wife.

Pete: she don't want you no more.

Dan: she only don't want me because you came along

Pete takes the hand cuffs off Dan and unties him.

Dan walks off

Dan: Your not my brother!

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