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An Ordinary Life?

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Lucas and maddie are walking towards the beach and they spot Ric sitting alone on the bench looking upset. Lucas and Maddie walk over and ask Ric if he is ok?

Ric says that he has just lost his dad then he had to go and lose his best friend as well.

Maddie hugs Ric whist he holds her tight.

Jack and Martha are carrying boxes towards Jacks new home ‘Beach side house’. Jack see’s Robbie and tells him that dad and Beth want him to get his things and bring them to the new house.

Peter walks out of his flat and gets in his police car. Jack shouts to Pete that he looks better in uniform. Pete laughs it off.

Pete arrives at the station to start his shift for the first time in 11 years as P.c Baker.

Beth is moving a box when she sees’s old photos of her and her dad. She grabs the photo and storms out of the door. Tony arrives home to find no Beth and the house is empty. Jack, Lucas and Robbie and Maddie arrive home asking about Beth but no one has seen her.


Beth walks in and looks around until she see’s someone sitting in the corner looking innocent. Beth walks over and slams the picture on the table. She says ‘I hope you can live with your self and you think about what you have done to Ryan. Amanda looks petrified and demands Beth to be escorted out. The guards go to grab Beth but she walks out on her own accord.

(Beach side house)

Tony is getting worried because he hasn’t heard anything from Beth and it’s only been 1 week since the funeral of Graham. Just as Tony is going to find Beth someone knocks on the door………

Dan is seen by Jack heading back to summer bay so he rushes to the station to tell Peter.


What will Ric do now he has lost another close relative?

Why is Dan back?

Who knocked on Tony and Beth’s front door?

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Ric walks in to Alf flat to see Martha and Alf upset sitting by the table. Alf looks up and tells Ric to sit down.

Alf: Ric mate there no better way to say this except that auntie morag was in a car accident and she died at in the Ambulance.

Ric drops to the ground.

Martha says she is going to see jack and she heads out of the flat.

Alf asks Ric to stay with him and Ric says 'yes'.

Ric goes back to his house and tells Sally and Cassie about morag.

(Beach side house)

Tony opens the door to find Scott and baby noah standing with their suitcases. Beth walks in 2 minutes after they arrive and is gobsmacked to see them.

Scott explains that it was'nt working out in france and then haley collapsed and passed away so he is back for good.

Everyone is estastic to see him back but Scott bursts in to tears on beth sholders.

(Police station)

Jack arrives and tells Peter that Dan is back. Pete says don't worry ill be fine.

Jack asks how it feels to be a P.c not a detective any more.

Pete: Look I nearky had you killed for being so stupid its only fair i got demoted to P.c, Its wierd but i have go to get used to it.

Jack: Yeah you owe me big time.

Pete: Well thats why I thought we cud move in together because I no you wanted to find a place of your own.

Jack:that would be cool ill pop round later with my things.


The town gather together for Morags funeral.

Will Dan find out about Leah and Pete 3 nites of passion?

we will reveal why Pete nearly killed jack.

How will Irene react when she finds out Hayley is dead?

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The whole town is gathered in a small church to pay thier last respects to morag.

(Alf makes a speech)

Alf: Day by Day,

I knew she would make me laugh,

Shout Alfred everytime I done something wroung,

we have had our bad times but she was good old morag

Allways determind to make our lifes hell,

but at the end of the day all she cared about was Family,

Work aswell,

but more important family.

(alf starts to cry and sits back down)

They play songs then they carry the coffin to the car.

Dan walks towards the crowd of people.

Tony walks towards Dan to make sure he is'nt going to make trouble with Pete.

Pete walks to the other side after carrying the coffin.

everyone gathers at Noah's bar

Irene returns from holiday with Barry and has no idea what has gone on.

She arrives at home to find a note from Kim saying

'ring me asap'

Irene rings him whilst he is at Noah's then he gets scott and baby Noah to go and see Irene.

Beth and Tony go aswell.

(Irene house)

KIm arrives at Irene with scott and baby Noah, Irene is estatic to see them but then asks where hayley is

Scott: Irene sit down.

Irene:What is it

(baby Noah starts to cry)

Scott explains to Irene that she died with her heart condition and that her valve failed.

Irene walks out.

Pete flat

Pete arrives home and drops his coat on the chair!

Jack knocks on the door with loads of bags.

Pete Laughs and helps Jack with his bags.

Pete goes in the shower and lets Jack unpack.

Petes mobile phone rings and answers it.

mobile phone: Pete its Leah quick you have gotto come over i think Dan knows about us!!!!

Pete gets out the shower

Pete:what ya doin.

Jack: It rang and it was Leah, you have to go over to see her Dan noes about you 2 (jack lookin confused)

Pete: ow i better go!

Jack: pete whats goin on

Pete: She cheated on Dan with me

Jack: I'm coming just incase things get nasty!

Pete: grab me my shorts

Jack throws Pete his shorts

Pete runs out of his flat with just shorts on and gets in to Jacks car.

Jack drives to Leah's to find no Leah or Dan


Where's Leah and where's Dan

Why has Irene took Baby noah?

Will Peter save Leah, jack or Dan?

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