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Flynn See's The Light!

Guest JusticeMoragBellingham

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As Flynn focused on Sally laying next to him for the last time as he closed his eyes,

he felt him self drift through a dark tunnel. In this dark tunnel he saw many others walking

toward a birght, warm light in the distance. He followed these people until he reached the light.

As they entered the light he did so to.

"G'day Love I've heard all about you. Ailsa Stewarts the name. Alfs wife."

Flynn gave her a hug and a kiss and said "Im pleased to meet you, Alf spoke

a lot about you."

After speaking with Ailsa Flynn glanced around him.

There were people every where. Some of them he even helped to

die while he was a doctor at the hospital before he got Cancer.

He even saw Doctor Priest in the distance. Every one looked radiantly happy.

He noticed too that it was a very peaceful exsistance in the life beyond

where he now exsists. No suffering, no pain and no anger these were of the

earth and he realized as he looked around they were not part of this

life exsistance.

But just than the Guv appeared out of no where.

"G'day stranger what brought you here the Guv asked?"

"I died of cancer replied Flynn. I had to leave Sal and little Pip

behind - DAMN that cancer he replied dismayed!"

"Never mind the Guv replied they'll be well looked after dont you worry.

As the old saying goes love "The dead look after the dead and the live look after

live!" Well aint that the truth when you stop to think about it she said to Flynn with

a wink." Say isnt that a friend of yours coming in over there she asked Flynn pointing

toward the dark tunnel Flynn had just came in to the light from?"

Flynn turned around and took a quick glance.

"Yes! Yes it is! That's Graham Flynn said with a great surprise in his voice, I better

go and find out what brough him here so quick! It wasnt cancer I know that."

"Graham! Flynn replied as he greeted Graham with a hand shake, what brings you

up here so fast?"

"Don't ask came Grahams grumpy reply! I took a heart attack didnt I and it was all

Amanda's fault Im here now, she left me there to die. I hope she's happy!"

The two chatted away until the Guv invited them on a tour of the grand place called

Heaven as we know it.

But just as the tour finished Graham begin to panic.

"I got to get back to Beth and the kids. I got to get back to my body, I cant stay here

and let Amanda and Josh West get away with Blue murder. Your a doctor he ordered Flynn

do some thing will ya dont just stand there!!!! Do some thing fast!!!!"

The next poster can continue the story line on.

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