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Career women opt for life with baby

Guest Andy

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Hip housewives - Why Sydney's career girls are pulling the plug - Career women opt for life with baby

Sunday Telegraph

5 February 2006

The superwoman syndrome may be at an end. Kerrie Davies reports.

Bec Cartwright seems to have settled easily into her role as stay-at-home mum, holed up at Palm Beach with her baby girl, Mia.

Cartwright has become the celebrity face of Australia's hip housewives -- just like Princess Mary, who gave up her marketing career to be a royal wife and push the pram of the future king of Denmark, and Katie "stay at" Holmes, who plans to give up acting to be with her baby and Tom.

Staying at home is fashionable again. The statistics speak as loudly as the success of Desperate Housewives and Kath And Kim.

Participation by mothers in the workforce has dropped -- and the birth rate is going up.

According to a report from Social and Economic Modelling, the trend may be partly to do with today's mothers wanting to live more balanced lives than workaholic baby boomers.

The superwoman is out (probably out cold from exhaustion) and the hip housewife is in. She's gorgeous, glamorous, successful -- and choosing to be with her baby.

"It was a hard decision, but it's an important time of my life. I wanted time and flexibility away from the day-to-day demands of a production schedule," Cartwright said when she quit Home And Away to marry Lleyton Hewitt.

When she returns to the Home And Away set, it will be with pram in tow.

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