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Fallen Angel

Guest Pierced Musie

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Warning: Deals with Suicide...

Story Title: Fallen Angel

Genre: Drama/Angst

Type of Story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Noah & Kit

BTTB Rating: A (V/D)

Spoilers: No

Proof Read: No by who.

Any Warning: Character Death

Summary: 2005 and Kit still is not over losing her only friend. With nothing left in her life, she decides to do something about it. But will the tiny voice in her head convince her otherwise?

Authors Note: So I thought about this and decided to post it here. If you aren't keen on angst then don't read. If you were a hardcore Noah/Hayley fan then no flaming. You will just get laughed at. Enjoy!

Fallen Angel.

She stares at the full bottle stood on the table, her eyes drawn to the clear liquid in the glass bottle. Her hand snakes out and her fingers curl around the cold glass. She doesn't even notice when her hand begins to tremble. All she can focus on is the thirst she has for just one swig.

Don't do this.

But she doesn't listen. She refuses to listen to the voice in her head. It's been so long since she has heard the voice that she thinks that it's the tablets finally kicking in. She pleads with the voice in her mind. It's just one last drink to calm her nerves. Just one little drink to toast her sad pathetic life.

You are stronger than this.

She grips the bottle harder until her knuckles go white and her fingers go numb. She blocks out the voice as she picks up the full bottle of vodka. As she unscrews the cap and throws it to the ground the voice in her mind gets louder.

Don't let them win this, Kit.

"But they already have, Noah. They already have," she mumbles before the bottle is lifted to her lips. The voice fades as she downs the whole lot. It takes a few minutes for the alcohol to kick in but when it does she just smiles. She lays her head down on the arm of the chair and closes her eyes, waiting. Within seconds her world goes black. She doesn't see them walk in, laughing and joking around. She doesn't hear them go silent. She doesn't hear her name being screamed and doesn't feel the arms around her body as she is lifted and laid on the floor. She feels nothing as they begin trying to revive her.

All she hears and sees is what she has craved more than alcohol. There is annoyance in his eyes but she sees the grin on his face. He takes hold of her hand and strokes her cheek, kissing her on the forehead. She wants to say so much to him but all she can say is one single word.


The End.

How was that? *goes and hides* :ph34r:

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I can't believe I forgot to post the companion piece to this fic. Enjoy!

Lost and Found.

She feels eyes watching her but she doesn't look. Her own eyes stay fixated on the now empty chair. She ignores the hand on her shoulder and the words her friends' use to try their hardest to sooth her with. She shrugs off the touch as if it burns her skin and continues to stare at the chair that had been occupied hours before.

There was nothing you could do. Please believe that, Beth.

She knows the words are false. She knows that she could have prevented the actions of her own daughter. When she hears the words again the voice changes. It's enough to shake her out of her daze. She whirls round and stares at the faces of the people around her. She sees sympathy in their eyes but she knows it's not sympathy for her fallen daughter. She recognizes the sympathy as looks from the past. Seeing those again, she just wants to slap each one of them. They again try their hardest to make her see that none of it was her fault but it just angers her more. The tears well up in her eyes as she finally finds the courage to speak, her hands clenched into fists.

"Shut up. Not one of you knew my daughter. Not one of you," she spits out. Silence fills her ears and she closes her eyes, the tears falling down her cheeks. She prepares to hear nothing but silence, so when the voice pipes up again, she jumps.

I did.

The tears instantly dry up and she slowly opens her eyes, expecting to find the source of the voice standing in front of her. But she finds no one. When she hears the voices of her other children getting closer she turns away. She blocks out Matilda's questions and Robbie's tearful voice. She blocks out the comforting words that are given to her children by their friends' and loved ones. Her focus is on the painting that is hung up on the wall. She takes in the grin and the feeling of happiness, finally beginning to understand. Beginning to understand the actions of her oldest daughter. She slowly wanders over to the painting and as a smile creeps onto her face, all eyes fall to her. She doesn't hear her oldest son run in and doesn't answer the questions he asks. Her attention stays on the painting and she says the words out loud, not caring how crazy they sound.

"Take care of her, Noah."

She hears but blocks out the voices of her children and waits for the silence in her mind to be filled with the familiar voice. When it does, her smile gets bigger.

You have my word.

The End.

So... was it okay? :unsure:


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