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Rewriting History

Guest Pete4Leah

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Hey guys. This fanfic is going to be in three parts, dealing with the three things I would've liked to happen if things didn’t happen as they did. The first part does repeat some parts of the siege but there are new bits added so be patient and read on :D Hope you enjoy!

Part 1: Hostage Drama

It is the night of the siege. Everyone is in the lounge room of Leah Patterson's house entertaining themselves in various ways so as to try and take their minds of the real reason they were there in the first place. In the next room Leah and Summer Bay's newest detective, Peter Baker, are sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee and talking about life in Summer Bay. Peter had just moved to the seaside town a few weeks back and Leah had clearly developed a liking towards him. Softly spoken, gentle, caring, nice looking....she could do far worse for herself. After some general chit chat and finally summoning up the courage that she had been trying to find all night, Leah finally asks the detective what she had been wanting to ask him ever since he first arrived in the Bay.….to accompany her to Pippa’s christening in a fortnight’s time. Pete puts his coffee cup down and shyly looks down towards the table. He hasn’t been on a date for quite some time, and certainly not since his last relationship with Senior Detective Claire Brody had ended in tears a few years back. Pete looks awkwardly at Leah, his smoldering blue eyes melting her heart.

“Oh I’m sorryâ€, Leah says quickly. “You’ve probably got other things on, it’s okâ€

She goes to get up and save herself from the awkwardness of the moment when Peter responds.

“No no no, that’d be great, thanks.â€

Leah looks at Pete and smiles with relief. Pete smiles back at her. Both are clearly feeling more than a little awkward but at the same time excited about this new friendship. Still smiling at each other the uneasy silence is finally broken when Leah hears VJ crying from the bedroom. She quickly excuses herself and goes to see to her young son who has just woken up from his nap. Pete smiles at her as she leaves the room.

A few moments later Peter enters the lounge and puts his jacket on. He glances around the room making sure that everyone is ok before telling them that he is going to check on the city team. Hayley leaps up from the couch where she and Noah had been cuddled up together watching some TV. She grabs the detective by the arm, pulling him back.

“You’re not leaving us, are you?†she exclaims, an anxious look on her face.

“It’s okâ€, he says, trying to reassure her and everyone else. “I won’t be gone for long. You are all completely safe here. There’s no way that Sarah knows where you all are. Just do as I said, keep the windows shut and the doors locked, and you’ll be fine. I’ll be back soon.â€

Hayley continues to protest but Noah gently takes her by the arm, pulling her close to him.

“It’s ok, Haylesâ€, he says. “Pete’s right. We’re safe hereâ€

With that Pete leaves, firmly closing the door behind him. Noah locks it from the inside.

Meanwhile, at the Palace, Dani struggles to free herself from the rope that has been tied around her hands and legs. She tries to scream but she can’t because of the tape around her mouth. She knows all to well the danger her friends will be in if she doesn’t get free and alert police soon. Time is running out.....


Will Scott take Sarah to Leah's house?

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Part 1 Continued....

Scott continues to drive towards Leah’s house.

“You won’t get away with this you knowâ€, he says glancing towards Sarah.

“Just driveâ€, Sarah says anxiously. “I don’t want to hear it!â€

Scott continues up the road, rain pouring down he can barely see out the windows, even with the wipers going. He slowly and reluctantly approaches the Patterson house. Stopping the car just outside he pleads once more with Sarah but to no avail.

“Get out!†Sarah urges as she takes the gun from her trouser pocket and pulls a hood over her face.

“Sarah…..†begins Scott.

“Just move!†Sarah shouts, the gun now firmly pressed against Scott’s back.

The two walk towards the front door.

“Knockâ€, Sarah says quietly.

Scott tries to protest again. Sarah presses the gun harder in to Scott’s back.

“I said knock.â€

Scott reluctantly knocks on the front door while Sarah moves slightly behind him.

“Mmm Pete’s check on that city team was quickâ€, Jesse says surprised as he walks towards the door.

“Pete?†he asks, Noah, Kane and Flynn now standing behind him.

“No, it’s Scottâ€, Scott says reluctantly. “I forgot somethingâ€

Oh well who’s an idiot then ayeâ€, Jesse laughs as he goes to open the door.

“Jese mate, you’re gonna miss that plane if you don’t……â€

“If you don’t what?†Sarah asks as she quickly pushes Scott inside.

The guys are just about to push the door shut when Sarah points the gun at them.

“Don’t moveâ€, she says, as she closes the door behind her.

“Why did you bring her here?†Jesse whispers angrily to Scott.

“I had no choice!†Scott snaps back. “She had a gun to my head. She was going to shoot Dani!â€

“Well now she’s probably going to shoot all of us!†Kane whispers sarcastically.

“Stop whispering!†Sarah says anxiously.

“What’s all the……â€, Hayley begins as she runs in to the kitchen.

“Hayley, no!†Noah yells. “Go back!â€


What will happen to Hayley?

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It’s too late. Sarah fires the gun at hayley and she falls to the floor. “Noooooo”, shouts Noah as he falls down beside her, weeping as he lays his head on her chest. “Why?” he cries. “She got in the way”, Sarah yells. “She shouldnt’ve run out like that. Oh this wasn’t supposed to happen!”

By now everyone has heard the commotion and have run out to the kitchen. “Don’t come any further or I’ll shoot!” Sarah says as the Bays folk stop in their tracks, gasping as they notice Hayley in a pool of blood on the floor. “I think you’ve done enough of that already haven’t you?” Flynn says looking down at Hayley. “What happened?” Leah asks shocked as she and Sally proceed towards Hayley. “Get back! Don’t move!” yells Sarah, clearly anxious at the chaos which has suddenly arisen. Flynn pulls Sally and Leah back. “Get back in the lounge, all of you”, he says quietly. “Do as the good doctor says”, Sarah smiles.

As the others retreat towards the lounge Flynn begins to approach Hayley. “That’s you too docor”, Sarah says, the gun now firmly pointing at Flynn. “I need to check for a pulse. Just let me check for a pulse”, Flynn says. Sarah starts to cry. “I didn’t mean for this to happen”, she wails. “No one was meant to get hurt.” “I need to check for a pulse”, Flynn repeats quietly as he looks at Sarah. “Just do it!” Sarah yells anxiously. “Hurry up!” Flynn kneels down beside Hayley gently pressing two fingers against her neck. The others stand in the lounge doorway watching in shock. “She’s not breathing Flynn”, Noah cries. Flynn looks sympathetically at Noah and then looks towards the others shaking his head. "Nooooo", Noah wails. "Come on Hayles." “Right”, says Sarah. “Now move. In the lounge. Everyone. Now!" Flynn gets up trying to pull Noah up with him. “I’m not leaving her”, Noah cries. “Do you want to join her?” Sarah yells getting more and more anxious. Flynn tries to diffuse the situation. “Noah come on. She’s gone mate. There’s nothing we can do.” He helps his friend up and they both walk towards the door followed by Sarah. Everyone wants to know what happened and begin asking about Hayley. The noise becomes too overwhelming for the already anxious Sarah and she fires a shot towards the ceiling. Everyone screams. “I told you all to shut up!” she yells. “Now sit down and don’t move!”

Next time:

Will Detective Baker make it back in time to save his friends?

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