Back to the Bay News (July - August)

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July at BTTB was a month of consolidation. Our Character Profilesand Videos sections were continually updated with new entries, with episodes surrounding the infamous Dani/Kane assault uploaded into our videos section from 2001. Old time favourite Roo Stewart's profile was updated, with more recent guest characters such as Jane Sims, Hal Enpace and Patricia Morgan added into the Profile section. A new emphasis was placed on News, with the aim to keep viewers updated on the goings on of H&A and it's stars. The Interactive Corner was launched with Edition One released after months of hard work from all the staff and especially Lauren (bttb-rox). Thanks for all your efforts guys.

August flew in with the revamp of our Credits Centre, with the 2007 section being added and the first 3 sets of the current 2008 season added as well. As Home And Away went on hiatus in Australia and the UK, BTTB kept on going at full steam ahead with a new layout, a revamped Features Index and adding new Street View technology to all our locations to give you a better view of what you see on the TV. As the forum's 5th Birthday came and went, we were saddened to lose two of our staff members. Farewell Mar (MarMar) and Liz, we appreciated all of your efforts over the years.

August also marked the start of our new BayWear section, a place to find out about the fashions of Summer Bay. Thanks to Eli for all her work into this feature. To make it easier than ever before for you to find out when the site has been updated, you can now keep up-to-date via our RSS Feeds . It's very simple to use and will only take a few moments to set up! Another new feature added to the site is ourQuotes section - the place to find the best and funniest quotes from the early years through to the present day.

We rounded off the month with an interview with the original Chris Fletcher, Shaun Wood . We thank him for the time he took to answer our questions and the pictures he provided. Our Quotes section was consolidated with over 30 updates from the 2006, 20072008 seasons.

After a very rewarding two months on the main site, we look forward to
another exciting month in September here at BTTB,

Dean (Forum Moderator)