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GEOFF: I'm training to be a Minister.
GIRL: What - Federal Government?
GEOFF: No, no, for the church.
BELLE: Well...I thought I might take this home with me, have a little read, maybe take my camera out for a walk and see what inspiration strikes.
IRENE: I'm very glad to hear that.
ANGELO: Me too. Do you wanna pose?
BELLE: I didn't mean those kinds of photos, but thank you.
[BELLE and ANGELO walk out of the kitchen.]

[A few moments later...]
ANGELO: You sure? 'Cause, you know, I'm happy with nudity, if that's your thing.
ANGELO: But I've only got fifteen minutes, so you're going to have to make it snappy. Get it? Snappy? Photos!
[MILES upon hearing about BARTLETT cracking onto KIRSTY]
KIRSTY: What would you have done? Would you have challenged him to a duel?
MILES: Probably!
CHARLIE: [to ROMAN]: "By the way, the book sucked! The commitmentphobic antagonist drove me insane, but I can see why you would like it so much."
NICOLE: [upon seeing MELODY at the clinic where ADEN is staying] Get everyone in here and it would be like a school reunion.
ADEN stares blankly into space, as LARRY pleads to be taken to hospital]
LARRY: "Aden, if I stay here, I'll die."
ADEN: "Yep, I know."
[ADEN walks in on BELLE and ANGELO's date]
ADEN: "What are you doing?"
BELLE: "I'm on a date."
ADEN: "You don't want to be with that guy."
BELLE: I'm a skank, remember? [referring to ADEN's previous insult] I've been with every guy in town. So why don't you just leave me to do what I do best?

JAI: "Can we not do the whole Happy Birthday thing with the singing? I've heard Kirsty sing, and I don't think I need that today."

IRENE: [to ROMAN upon seeing NICOLE and ELLIOT making out] "You might want to put the knife down."

CHARLIE: "For a teenage girl, shopping with your dad is like social suicide."
ROMAN: "The girl who worked there thought I was cool..."
CHARLIE: "She was probably working on commission."

[after magic tricks with OLLIE]
MILES: "How can you expect him to sleep when he's got a coin in his ear?"
KIRSTY:"Thank God Miles got that out. Now let's get you back to bed."

MILES: [pairing off his class] "Turn to the person to your left and say Hellooo partner..."

JAI: "Did it ever occur to you that you might just be a really bad teacher?"
MILES: "No, but thanks for the heads up."

BELLE: "It's called maturity."
NICOLE: "You should try it sometime."

AXEL: [after diving for the bed and missing] "I am sooo wasted."

LEAH: I know what you're trying to do."
MILES: Stuff my face without looking like a pig?

COLLEEN: "Martha's not around, which probably explains why the champagne hasn't run out yet!"

ADEN: [to NICOLE] "Why don't you go back to watching TV and painting your nails like a good little girl? I don't have time to play with you."

COLLEEN: "Spring Awakening? [the censored/banned schoolbook] More like spring in a coma! I'd be surprised if anyone got past page three without nodding off from boredom!"

BELLE: [about ADEN] "We could be here for days trying to work out why Aden does anything."

IRENE: "Ok let's be logical about this, what do we know?"
ANNIE: "We know that Geoff, Roman and Nicole are missing and we are sitting here talking!"

[NICOLE is missing, ROMAN is hanging over a cliff]
ROMAN: "If you have done anything to Nicole..."
ELLIOT: "You'll what? Hang there getting angry?"

FLOSS: [to Pippa Jr] "You want to watch yourself, you know! There's a dark cloud over you."
FLOSS: "Card never lie, Pippa, you mark my words. See! They tell me you're about to travel. Hmm! You're right again! Now. What have we here? Are there more exciting time a foot?"

FLOSS: (Laughs) "Ahah! SNAP!! I can see our understanding"
ALF: "Do me a favour, just call me Alf this one time"
SALLY: "You'll always be Mr Stewart to me, Alf"
ADEN: [to Nicole] "Oh, you poor little princess. Let me guess, you didn't get the pony that you always wanted, right."
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