A selection of amusing or important quotes from Home and Away's history.
GEOFF: I'm training to be a Minister.
GIRL: What - Federal Government?
GEOFF: No, no, for the church.
(making fun of Gypsy being busted for buying drugs)
JOEY: I say Aaron, do you like this JOINT?
AARON: You'd have to be a DOPE not to!
JOEY: And if you find someone who doesn't like it, SMACK 'em!
AARON: Anyway, I must go, can't let the GRASS grow underneath my feet!
JOEY: Listen there goes the bell....
WILL: (to Gypsy) Do you reckon the word's got around?
KEN: What happened to the early morning stampede? It wasn't so long ago there'd be a whole tribe of you here in the morning...
IRENE: I was wondering the same thing meself
WILL:  Well....the whole group's broken up, don't ask me how it happened, but Peta and Hayley can't stand Gypsy so she hates coming here, Hayley hates Mitch, Sam hates everyone, and now Peta and that dork Edward are fighting.
HAYLEY: And you certainly helped things by blabbing to Gypsy about Sam and Claire.....
WILL: Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Hayley hates me right now....
KEN: I'm sorry I asked
IRENE: You learn not to after a while....
LANCE: [to FISHER after MARILYN had left him following BYRON's death] Maz is a great girl, she was always so delicate, quite like a sports car. Beautiful and tough, until you run over her with a tank, then it all just crumbles like a cardboard box...
BELLE: Well...I thought I might take this home with me, have a little read, maybe take my camera out for a walk and see what inspiration strikes.
IRENE: I'm very glad to hear that.
ANGELO: Me too. Do you wanna pose?
BELLE: I didn't mean those kinds of photos, but thank you.
[BELLE and ANGELO walk out of the kitchen.]

[A few moments later...]
ANGELO: You sure? 'Cause, you know, I'm happy with nudity, if that's your thing.
ANGELO: But I've only got fifteen minutes, so you're going to have to make it snappy. Get it? Snappy? Photos!
[MILES upon hearing about BARTLETT cracking onto KIRSTY]
KIRSTY: What would you have done? Would you have challenged him to a duel?
MILES: Probably!
CHARLIE: [to ROMAN]: "By the way, the book sucked! The commitmentphobic antagonist drove me insane, but I can see why you would like it so much."
NICOLE: [upon seeing MELODY at the clinic where ADEN is staying] Get everyone in here and it would be like a school reunion.
JULES: "Apart from saying goodbye theres something else I wanted to say to you."
CASSIE: "What's that?"
JULES: "You know how you said I'm not capable of telling you how I feel."
CASSIE: "Yeah, I think I remember going off about that amongst other things."
JULES: "I like you Cassie. A lot. I have for a long time...ever since the start really. Everything I did was because I like you, even though it might've seemed like the opposite. I was just too much of a case to get it right. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know before I left."
JACK: "You're wearing Sam's [wedding] dress?"
MARTHA: "No Jack, It is my fence posting outfit."
COLLEEN: "Oh, here we go Jack. Sorry about the wait. How's poor Sam's nose looking? Less like a football, more like a bride we hope." JACK: "Yeah, the swelling's gone down. She reckons she can just put on makeup." COLLEEN: "Ah, thank heavens for that. Although it's not a good omen is it? I read somewhere, you got to be on the lookout for signs like that." LEAH and IRENE: "Colleen!" JACK: "Maybe if your superstitious but, we're not. Sam's gonna look fantastic tomorrow." COLLEEN: "Oh, your so lucky to have found that one special person who's your soulmate. Although of course, this is your second wedding." IRENE: "Colleen. There's people waiting outside to order, please."
LUCAS: [at KIM and RACHEL'S wedding] "After the ceremony, kiss the bride and then we can all get smashed."
RIC: "Woo!"
RACHEL: "Are you here to help me clean up, or to take out an organ?"
LEWIS: "Whatever you think would be most useful."
ADEN stares blankly into space, as LARRY pleads to be taken to hospital]
LARRY: "Aden, if I stay here, I'll die."
ADEN: "Yep, I know."
[ADEN walks in on BELLE and ANGELO's date]
ADEN: "What are you doing?"
BELLE: "I'm on a date."
ADEN: "You don't want to be with that guy."
BELLE: I'm a skank, remember? [referring to ADEN's previous insult] I've been with every guy in town. So why don't you just leave me to do what I do best?

JAI: "Can we not do the whole Happy Birthday thing with the singing? I've heard Kirsty sing, and I don't think I need that today."

IRENE: [to ROMAN upon seeing NICOLE and ELLIOT making out] "You might want to put the knife down."

CHARLIE: "For a teenage girl, shopping with your dad is like social suicide."
ROMAN: "The girl who worked there thought I was cool..."
CHARLIE: "She was probably working on commission."

[after magic tricks with OLLIE]
MILES: "How can you expect him to sleep when he's got a coin in his ear?"
KIRSTY:"Thank God Miles got that out. Now let's get you back to bed."

MILES: [pairing off his class] "Turn to the person to your left and say Hellooo partner..."