IRENE: "You have no idea how to bring up kids."
AMANDA: "You should know Irene, you had a pretty good view from the gutter."

BELLE: [to MATILDA] "Did you ever wonder what life just might have been like if you had enough oxygen at birth?"

COLLEEN: [about IRENE] - "She nearly hit me with a wok!"

ZOE/EVE: [to PETER] "We have had fun haven't we. The letters and bombs but do you know what makes me smile the most? I have done it all before and you-hoo-hoo still couldn't catch me! You really are a lousy detective."

ALF: "I'm Santa. Who the flaming hell are you?"

IRENE: "Colleen, my Halo's slipping."
COLLEEN: "This is not the confessional Irene, WE don't want to hear about your sordid past."

DRIVER: "I was busy." [with the flat tyre]
BETTY: "What, with Madge Wilkins?"

BETH: [About COLLEEN's Christmas show] "How am I supposed to make costumes if I don't know who's wearing what?"
COLLEEN: "Well, that's bad Christmas Spirit Beth, I expected more from you!"

BELLE: [to LUCAS after kissing him] "You taste like mint."

ROCCO: [About PETER and AMANDA in the pantry] "We can't just leave them in there."
JOHNNY: "Don't worry, it's not like they're going to starve."

PETER: "How was the water?"
DREW: "Wet."

ALF: [about Mumma Rose] ''There's only one person to blame for this mess and it's that flamin' dingo of a Sheila out there.''
BELLE: [about AMANDA] "Does anybody have a spare husband or son? Heck even a grandfather, no age limits here"
ROBBIE: [to KIM, who is showing him his wedding ring] "Oh Kim I am touched but I am already married."
RIC: [to CASSIE] "Standing here, I actually feel sick. Because I'm in the same room as you, I physically feel like I want to throw up. So make no mistake about it Cassie, I do hate you. I hate you for humiliating to me. For using me. I hate you for treating my feelings like a joke. You and Macca can both rot in Hell."
COLLEEN: "Have you heard of Philates?"
TONY: "You mean Pilates"
AMANDA: [to DREW after seeing him naked] "And you know I would stop big noting myself if I were you because after what I saw today, you don't have too much to boast about"
KIM: [to RACHEL] "I flirt with Colleen but she's not a threat to our relationship"
DREW: [to SNR. CONST McGRATH after an interview] "Save me a donut."
TASHA: "Are you sure this is going to work?"
ROBBIE: "Have I ever let you down before? Don't answer that, it was rhetorical!"
COLLEEN: "Come on Kimberly...I am ready to get physical."
BETH: [about ROBBIE] "I went out to get the paper and look who followed me home. Can we keep him?"
COLLEEN: "Your balls have a mind of their own Kimberly."