BayWear - What Summer Bay is wearing

BayWear: What Summer Bay is wearing

For many those living the UK or somewhere else north of the Equator, August means back to school, uni or work,while those living on the other side of the world can look forward to springtime. Whether you're going back to school, or looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe for the rest of the school year, what better time is there to try a new style? And why not let Summer Bay inspire you?

BTTB gives you an exclusive guide on how to dress like your favourite characters. Who wears what, what works well, and how can you steal your favourite character's style?

We kick off this week by taking a closer look at Mattie, Aden, Kirsty and Jack.

Our second update to this feature takes a look at Jai and Nicole.

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Over the years Mattie has developed a style that makes her one of the perhaps best dressed people in Summer Bay.
Whether his luck with the ladies is due to looks or the bad-boy-factor, we'll probably never know, but what we do know for sure, is that Aden looks good almost no matter what he's wearing.
Kirsty left as a teenager, and came back as an adult woman, with her own, unique style.
For over three years we've watched Jack try to find real love and happiness, but no matter what he has been doing, Jack has done it with style.


Not many characters manage to have fans discussing their style from the moment they arrive in the Bay. With Jai, however, that was the case.


Whether it has been through challenging school dress code by altering her uniform, or putting on a self-made dress a true fashionista worthy at the fashion show, Nicole never fails to to
look her best.

Miles has become a favourite with many fans, and so has his style. Why? Maybe because Miles, unlike most of the blokes in the Bay, takes clothing further than just a tee and board shorts.

When she first arrived in the Bay, Belle was a bit of a rebel, but as she's settled down and got more friends, we got to see more sides of her. Belle is a photographer, and an activist, always prepared to fight for the things she believes in. A lot of her personality is reflected in her style, which has been original and outstanding from day one.