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A list of characters who have died, in Summer Bay:

Kerry Barlow, died after being shot. (1988)
Alan Fisher, died of a brain haemorrhage. (1988)
Gary Samuels, died after jumping off a cliff. (1988)
Philip Matheson, died in a fire. (1989)
Rory Heywood, died after being eaten by a shark. (1989)

Tom Fletcher, died of a heart attack. (1990)
Alec Gibson, died of a heart attack. (1991)
David Croft, died in a car accident. (1991)
Meg Bowman, died of a leukaemia. (1992)

Bobby Simpson, died in a boating accident (1993)
Laura Bonetti, died after running in front of a train (1995)
Elizabeth Clarke, died from terminal illness (1995)
Murdoch Roberts, murdered by Dodge. (1995)
Rick, died after a car crash. (1995)
Shane Parrish died as the result of blood poisoning. (1996)
Peter Moss, died in a car accident. (1996)
Michael Ross, drowned trying to save Sam Marshall. (1996)
Brad, died after being shot by Max Richards. (1996)
Stephanie Mboto, fell off a cliff. (1997)
Saul Bennett, died after being shot by Terri Garner. (1997)
Kylie Burton, died of a drug overdose in jail. (1998)
Brian Matthews, died after falling off a building. (1999)
Ruby Collins, stopped breathing under Justine's care. (1999)
Byron Fisher, died of cancer. (1999)
Charlie, died in a car accident. (2000)
Ken Smith, crushed underneath a car. (2000)
Alicia Campbell, fell off a cliff. (2000)
Gavin Campbell, crushed in a mudslide. (2000)
Ailsa Stewart, died of a heart attack. (2000)
Anna Miller, died from cancer. (2001)
Miles Alcott, died in a car accident. (2001)
Charlotte Adams, died from drowning. (2002)
Grigg, found dead in Don's car. (2002)

Angie Russell, died of a blow to the head. (2003)
Troy, died in the drop-in centre. (2003)
Eloise Lennox, died of leukaemia. (2003)
Felix Walters, died of a Crystal Meths overdose. (2004)
Noah Lawson, died after being shot by Sarah. (2004)
Sarah Lewis, died after shooting herself. (2004)
The Guv, died from heart failure in Alf's arms (2004)
Benny "Red" Barron, died afer the seaplane crash (2005)
Marc Edwards, died after being hit over the head by the stalker. (2005)
Joy Foxton, died of a stroke. (2005)
Jim Wallace, mysteriously dies off screen after Morag's interrogation. (2005)
Chloe Richards, died of an embolism after a car crash. (2005)
Dr Alison Free, died after an off-screen car crash. (2005)
Flynn Saunders, died from skin cancer at home. (2006)
Graham Walters, died after Robbie turned his life support machine off. (2006)
Josh West, died after being shot by Barry Hyde (2006)
Elaine Armstrong, died from injuries received after the barn explosion. (2006)
Eve "Zoe McCallister" Jacobsen, died from injuries received after the barn explosion. (2006)
Tracey Thompson, died from injuries received after the barn explosion. (2006)
Emily Armstrong, died from cancer. (2006)
Rocco Cooper, died from injuries received from a beating from Johnny's henchmen. (2007)
Beth Hunter, died in a car crash. (2007)
Lisa Duffy, died in drag racing accident. (2007)
Dan Baker, died in an abseiling accident in America. (2008)
Johnny Cooper, died after Sam gave him an overdose. (2008)
Sam Holden, died after comitting suicide. (2008)
Joe Morton, died from a virus. (2008)

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