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everyday i will write an episode of home and away it will be based on life after the 4100 episode. my own version any way episodes will be posted on most days hopefully except weekends. first part will be up hopefully later to day

it will be based on the characters that are allready in it and the same story lines that have been going on in home and away over the years it has been shown.

so basicaly my own version of home and away after the last episode(4100) i hope you enjoy it!

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Home and away ep 4101 Monday 2 January 2006

Graham and Amanda have just got married while being watched by Tony and Beth who are devastated that he has married the evil vixen.

(Caravan Park) Sally is getting very upset by the thought of Flynn going to be gone earlier then expected she is getting all worked up by the suggestion that he wants to take the morphine because he is in so much pain. Meanwhile Dan is on the phone to Pete and says that he needs help, he is in big trouble and he thinks its over with him and Leah. Dan says to Pete ill see you soon then. Robbie is trying to find Tash but he cannot find her any where it starts to rain quiet fast so Robbie takes cover in Noah’s bar but tasha still doesn’t turn up even Robbie thought she would of carm down and came back for him. Robbie really thinks that he has lost tasha now. Leah is sitting on her bedroom crying her eyes out thinking what will she do when the baby comes she looks at the picture of her and Dan on the side table, she picks it up and throws it at the wall violently. Jack and Martha are sitting in the Holden’s house watching TV and all of a sudden the TV cuts of and all the lights.]

Promo for the rest of the week

Is this the beginning of the cyclone?

Who will survive?

Will tasha go back to Robbie?

Will Flynn die peacefully?

And who will not survive another week in the bay?

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Episode 4102 Tuesday 3rd January 2006

Jack and Martha decide to put candles out side the door so Tony and Lucas can see the door when they come back later because no lights are on at all in summer bay. Martha tries the telephone but that is gone dead as well. Sally tries to keep Flynn’s mind off the pain but she cannot really do it while it is pitch black in the house and she cannot keep an eye on Flynn. She decides to go to Noah’s bar so he can see other people and distracts him from the thought of leaving her so soon and taking the morphine. Matilda and Lucas return early from the city with an unexpected visitor to see Matilda’s mum and friends. Dan is walking down near the end of the beach and he can see a tornado coming towards the other side of the beach and Gail force winds are blowing past him he nearly falls over by the force of the wind. Amanda and graham get into Amanda’s car and start to talk about how happy they are now and Amanda mentions to graham that she doesn’t want to go on a honeymoon she would rather stay with him in the bay. (She has a vicious smile on her face when graham agrees with her).

Promo for tomorrow

Should Beth’s visitor waited to come back to summer bay

Some one will return to save lots of lives but will it cost his life?

The cyclone gets even worst for the summer bay residents!

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Wednesday the 3rd ep 4103

A white car pulls up out side Noah’s and detective peter baker comes out of the car alone. Peter calls out for Dan as he was meeting him there. But there is no sign of him Pete rings his mobile but no answer, he then goes for a drink at Noah’s. Pete gets a walm welcome from everyone there so proud to see him especially Alf, Robbie etc. At the hunters house matilda walks in the front door followed by Lucas then Henry looking for Beth but she is no where to be seen. 5 minutes later beth and Tony walk in and are ecstatic to see Henry she all most nearly forgets bout her dad marrying but she just cannot forget. Meanwhile Pete is getting really worried that Dan hasn’t turned up so he pops round to Leah and see if he’s there but he finds Leah unconscious at the back door and there is blood on the floor he rushes Leah in the car and drives to the hospital. Pete finds out later that night she was pregnant with Dan’s baby and she has lost it. Pete is devastated and he keeps holding Leah in his arms while she is crying. Eventually Leah stops and falls sleep, Pete then gets back in to his car to find Dan. Graham and Amanda are in the car when a very strong gush of wind blows their car on to its side. Meanwhile Pete cannot find Dan so he takes a look down the beach and can see some one walking along as he thinks its Dan he goes rushing up but a stroke of lightning his Dan’s umbrella and electrocutes him (he falls on to the fall) Pete cannot touch Dan as he will get his self electrocuted as well so he rings for an ambulance just before he does this the wind blows him in to the sea(the waves are really strong and he cannot get back on to the land)

What will happen when the storm gets even worse?

Some one unexpected will save a summer bay resident

A evil blast from the past!

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(Out side Noah’s bar) Irene and Barry and walking arm in arm when they sea Pete stranded at sea Barry rushes to save peter and drags him back to land with difficulty. All Pete keeps on saying is Dan Dan he needs help but Barry cannot see Dan any where until Irene spots him and resusates him with a rubber shoes on her hands (its amazing how she brings him back with shoes on her hands) Pete cannot believe that his brother is alive. Irene and Barry take them to Noah’s bar to get medical treatment from Flynn (who is still not in a fit state to help anyone, but he still tries until another doctor arrives who is called Steve) Steve arrives and gives treatment to Pete and Dan who are ok. Graham awakes and see’s Amanda lying in the bush and she is dead but graham cannot pick Amanda up and go to get help so he walks alone and covers Amanda up in a blanket to come back for her later. Ric and Cassie are trying to find Alf who has disappeared as well as colleen. The weather is awful, it’s too dangerous to go anywhere but ric still goes after his granddad he gets swept up by the strength of the wind and is threw over to the other side of the road by the force of the wind

Tony, Beth, Matilda are all searching for cassie and ric but there no luck and the cyclone gets even worse.









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