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Pete and the rest are taken to the secret location and are locking all the windows and doors when they get a knock on the door; Pete answers it and its Claire to take charge off the case (Pete isn’t happy) he walks into the other room in a mood Leah comes in and comforts Pete and says what happened with you and Claire, Pete said it wasn’t working plus I found out that Claire had a little baby girl with somebody else years ago, Pete says she is beautiful but he wanted her to tell her so he would expect the baby being there when he went to her mum and dads house. Claire walks in and says Pete I need your help, he slowly walks towards her, also turning round smiling at Leah, (Pete goes off and talks to Claire) Flynn is sitting in the chair getting all hot and bothered (getting even worse) Steve comes to the secret hide out to check Flynn over and tells him that he hasn’t got much time as he walks out the door he lets eve come in past (Steve is eves brother) Steve runs off while eve is in the secret hide out, the first person to spot her is Lucas but he doesn’t no what eve looks like so he just thinks eve is a police woman so he carry on as normal even offers her a drink, Dan comes in the kitchen and see’s eve he shouts peter and Claire but nobody hears him Lucas starts to worry and tries to grab her but she smacks him in the face and he drops to the floor.

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Eve smacks Dan on the back with a baseball bat and he falls to the floor out cold, Pete walks straight pass eve who is hiding behind the door, Claire follows him and they get a drink, eve goes out the door and locks them in the kitchen. Kim spots eve and shouts every one its her they all get up and try to get her to the floor but she pulls a gun out.

Pete and Claire are trying to open the door when they realise something is wrong and shouts let us in eve pulls a gun out of her pocket and whispers if any body says any thing ill shoot Pete and Claire are locked in eve has metal locked all the doors except the one she as just locked its only locked with a key (not very strong door) Flynn Is getting really panicky and starts to shout things at eve which don’t help things.

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