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Rumours of Tammin flirting with a police officer

Guest smoothiehead

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Here's the article from the Daily Telegraph (November 29 2005):

SHE'S home after being away, and former Summer Bay starlet Tammin Sursok is making the most of it.

The wannabe pop princess was spotted "openly flirting" with a police officer at swanky nightspot The Loft on Saturday night. We're not sure if she was trying to talk her way out of something or if she just likes her men in uniform, but either way there was no sign of her music video director boyfriend Michael Spiccia. A Pointless Relationship perhaps?

Ms Sursok's response to fans on her official forum (also November 29 2005):

Just to let everyone know...Michael and I have broken up as it wasn't meant to be. So the article in the paper made me laugh. I thought it was so funny speaking to police men at a nightclub but the paper took it out of context as they do....they have to write about something!!

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