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Obsessions Of The Great

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After the drug bust Peter has dcided to give up the dectective profession and take up scuba diving!

Meanwhile...Clare has become more and more obsessed with Yoga and her Marmite sandwiches!

Peter is in the back yard practising his scubadiving in the pond. Suddenly he hears a big thud then hears a load of agressive banging!

He burts through the living door and finds Clare kneeling on the floor from doing her yoga. Shes desperately trying to scream for help. She's turning blue by the second. Peter is there with his scuba diving gear on.

He gives her the heimlich remover but it's no good. Nothings happening. By this time Clare is banging her fists on the floor like a five year old having a tantrum.

Suddenly she bursts out MARMITE!!!!!!!!

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