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Thurs 24 Nov 05 - “Baby Rescues (Petulant) Man!!!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Baby Rescues (Petulant) Man !!!â€

As Tilly & Luke help hayley pack her things (before the move to France), Tilly once more that hayley for asking her to be baby Noah’s godparent. As Tilly & Luke exit the house, kimmy (looking worse for wear) enters. Hayley & Hyde are very concerned for kimmy, as they try to make him see some sense but kimmy isn’t interested in hearing anything they have to say. Kimmy then bails – and Hyde tells hayley that he REALLY wishes that kimmy would open up & face his problems (rather than avoid them as he is doing now).

Soon after, Scot & hayley talk about everything that is happening today – incl. the christening. Scott suggests that he can go to the gym and get the paperwork for the sale. Hayley thanks Scott for doing this.

When Scott arrives at the gym, he encounters kimmy. They have a heated argument, which turns into a physical struggle. Hyde enters and tries to break up the fight – but, for his trouble, Hyde gets punched in the face by kimmy (who was aiming for Scott).

After Scott has bailed, Hyde tries to REALLY through to his son. Hyde insists that he’s been V proud that kimmy, in the past year, has gone from a petulant schoolboy to a self-sufficient man. Hyde insists that kimmy, at present, has fallen so far that he may never regain the respect of her friends & family (note – Ivor Kants was wonderful in this scene).

Soon after, hayley is at the beach house when she gets a phone call. There’s been a change of plans – and when kimmy arrives back at the house seconds later, hayley asked kimmy if they can talk. Kimmy doesn’t want to – but hayley insists that she REALLY needs a favour. She is about to go out and needs someone to look after baby Noah (as he just got to sleep & hayley doesn’t want him tired for the christening). Kimmy reluctantly agrees.

A little later, kimmy is in bit of a daze whilst watching TV. He hears baby Noah crying. Kimmy initially ignores it – but then he goes into Hayley’s room and takes the child into his arms. Kimmy and baby Noah look totally content as this is happening.

When hayley & Scott arrive home, they ask Hyde about baby Noah. He tells them that the child is awake – but that there is no trouble. Hayley & Scott enter the lounge and see the baby in Kimmy’s arms. He hands the bub to them – and apologises for his recent behaviour Kimmy insists that he just couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye to baby noah – and had been taking out those frustrations on everyone else.

In her flat, Amanda & Josh talk about Morag’s suspicions. Josh assures Amanda that he has everything under control, ie there’s no way Morag can discover their plans. Josh alos suggests that the easiest way that Amanda can get hold of Graham’s cash is to old-fashioned way – to get married to Graham. Amanda is quite surprised by josh’ idea – but she realises that it’s a V good one.

Soon after, Morag encounters josh at the diner. She rills him about his return to town so soon after she spoke to Amanda about project 56. Morag all but scoffs when josh tells, and then shows her, that project 56 is for an office complex. Morag insists that she’ll discover what’s REALLY going on.

At the hunter house, Tony & Beth are talking about Graham & Amanda when Morag enters the house. She then them that she’s made enquires – and that (from those enquires) it appears that josh is totally telling the truth project 56 (Note – has josh really fooled Morag – or is she foxing?) Beth wonders why Amanda is hanging around Graham – and she isn’t keen when Tony suggests that Amanda’s feelings might actually be real. Morag however suggests that just because project 56 seems legitimate that doesn’t mean that Amanda isn’t trying to get hold of Graham’s money for other reasons.

Meanwhile, Amanda enters the flat – and she opens a little box. She smiles as she sees the 2 rings inside.

Soon after, Amanda hears Graham approaching. She hides the rings – and loves the flowers that he gives her. When Amanda is in the kitchen, Graham encounters the box – and opens it. When he enquires, Amanda (with voice is simpering mode) she says that she bought the rings because she liked that the thought of herself & Graham REALLY together, but Amanda insists that in the real world such things just don’t happen.

A little later, Beth goes to the flat. She starts talking to Graham – trying to convince him about Amanda (who isn’t at the flat at the time). Beth then sees the rings – and looses it. She tells Graham that she can’t believe that he’s fallen for this act that Amanda is putting on. Beth’s words are the last straw for Graham who tells Beth to totally mind her own business.

Graham then goes to Noah’s. He approaches Amanda who is siting on one of the couches. Graham gets down on one knee – and proposes. A “teary eyed†Amanda says yes – and she hugs Graham. As she is doing so, josh enters the room – and she (V knowingly) smiles at him. (end of ep)


In the season finale, will Graham/Amanda get married? will Leah/Dan & Robbie/Tash split up? and what’s with the appearance of Zoe in the previews all this week (at least a kimmy drug induced nightmare is out of the question now) ????

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