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Wed 23 Nov 05 - “Amanda, You Can’t REALLY .... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Amanda, You Can’t REALLY Blame Beth For What Happenedâ€

The bookie tells dan (over the phone) that dan has 4 hours to get him the money - with the price going up $2000 every hour. Dan is fanatically trying to convince the bookie to let Ryan go - to no avail. When dan gets of the phone, Leah forces him to tell her what’s happened. She is furious - and they then frantically wonder about where to get the money from.

Meanwhile, Graham exits a shop and is annoyed when a black BMW hoons passed him. Graham’s annoyance is curbed - by the sight of someone who looks like rayn is tha back seat of the car.

Graham enters the Flat - and comments to Amanda about Ryan & the BMW. She charges over to the Leah’s house - and can’t believe it when dan tells her what’s occurred. When Amanda is told about the money required, she tells dan & Leah that she might be able to access the cash.

Amanda goes and asks Graham about the money - but he can’t access it (from the bank) until tomorrow.

As Amanda charges out of the flat, Beth enters. Beth tries to talk to Graham about his realtionship with Amanda, but he insists there are greater things to worry about, ie Ryan’s kidnapping.

When Amanda goes back to Leah’s house, she tells dan what’s happened. The bookie then rings. He informs dan that it’s been an hour - so price has gone up. Dan then hears Ryan yell something out. When ff the phone, dan tells Leah & Amanda that Ryan said something about karate. Amanda remembers that Ryan mentioned that he thought the railway boom gates looked like that were going to karate chop a car recently. All 3 charge about of the house - but not before Leah gets the phone to call the police. Dan & Amanda insist that if police involved things will be much worse.

When they arrive the boom gates, There’s no sign of the bookie, Ryan etc. Amanda is shocked when a police car pulls up beside them. Harper gets out of the car - and insists that they should let the police handle this, but Amanda & Co aren’t keen.

The bookie rings dan again - looking for his money. Dan insists that he can access it tomorrow (from the bank). The bookie is annoyed - and things get worse when one of the police radios can be heard. The bookie tells dan that he is REALLY annoyed.

The police can’t stop dan in their car and driving off. As dan is driving, the bookie’s BMW passes him (its going the other way). Dan quickly turns his car around - and goes after the BMW. The bookie car approaches the boom gates - but the police car arrives on the other side of the tracks and blocks the BMW’s path (with Dan’s car blocking the other side). The bookie & the benchman try to escape - but the police capture (and handcuff them) whilst Leah & Amanda rush to the bookie's car and set Ryan free !!!!!!

Afterwards, back at Leah’s house, dan tries to express how sorry he is - but Amanda REALLY doesn’t want to hear it - as that response just isn’t good enough.

When Amanda returns to the Flat, she is talking to Graham & Beth. Amanda is LIVID when she discovers that Beth rang the police. Beth insists that she merely contacted Jack to see how the investigation was going (note - Amanda, it might have helped if you actually told Beth about the no police thing). Amanda suggests to Graham that his daughter should leave, and Beth is rather annoyed when Graham concurs with Amanda’s “suggestionâ€.

Meanwhile, at Leah’s place, Leah insists that dan should have come to her today about the problem with the money, or at the very least, told her about the threat to ryan, ie she wouldn’t have taken her eyes off him etc. Leah seriously wonders if she can EVER trust dan again.

After Beth was kicked out of the flat, she goes to the diner, and was speaking to the likes of alf & colleen, when Morag enters. She is V interested when she hears about Amanda/Graham - and Beth’s insistence that Amanda is after Graham’s recently acquired fortune. Morag indeed concurs with Beth’s thoughts that Amanda is a gold digger.

Morag goes to the Flat - and confronts Amanda. Morag speculates that Amanda is totally in league with josh and that she's with Graham to get his money for the construction company which is involved with project 56.

Morag insist that she can prove the connection between Amanda & construction company, as she has sourced documents that link the two. Amanda insists that they did offerere a job - as a public liaison officer - but she declined it. When Morag inquires, Amanda suggests that she was offered the position because of her role as manager for josh’s mayoral campaign. Morag insists that she WILL get to the bottom of all of this.

Soon after, Amanda rings josh. She is worried that Morag will find further links between josh & Amanda. Josh insists that he’ll make sure that Morag won’t be able to access such documents etc - but that’s not good enough for Amanda - she insists that josh should return to the bay earlier that planned, ie ASAP (end of ep)


Josh urges Amanda that she must marry Graham - quickly !!!

(Note - Rhys [Luke] Wakefield spoke about the new look H&A official website)

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (24 Nov) last year, the ep in which Tash met her father Ian Osborne for the 1-st time - and he, for the common good, tore her to shreds - screened in Australia.

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