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Tues 22 Nov 05 - “Dumb Things�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Dumb Thingsâ€

At the commune, Robbie tries to convince Tash of what he saw. She does not believe him – and things get worse when Irene, jack & Martha arrive. They also try to convince Tash that the believers aren’t as they seem. Jonah suggests that they all (incl. Tash) should leave the believers in piece.

When they return to the beach house, Tash is V annoyed that no one is respecting her decision to hang out with these ppl, ie Tash says words to the effect of "if you’re making me choose between you & them, I choose themâ€.

When Tash is gone, Robbie insists (once more) that maybe he’ll have better luck on his own (convincing Tash).

Meanwhile, near the beach, Tash talks with Jonah. Tash insists that she doesn’t like “making waves†for her friends, but Jonah insists that Tash HAS to be true to herself.

Robbie meets up with Tash at the surf club. Robbie asks Tash to not live with the believers because they are married – and she should respect that he’s not so keen on the believers. (Note – Robbie said it with a lot more subtlety). Tash agrees to Robbie’s’ request.

Tash speaks to Jonah. She tells him of her decision. He is disappointed – but insists that he understand.

When Jonah tells Mumma Rose of Tasha’s decision, she is V angry. She insists that Tash IS the chosen one – and she MUST be convinced to return to the commune.

Soon after, Tash is at the Hunter house. Robbie has just gone into the shower when Jonah rings. He asks Tash to meet him near the beach. Tash says that she can’t, but Jonah is able to bring her around. Tash sneaks out of the house.

She meets up with Jonah near the beach. Jonah insists that Tash should search her heart – as he KNOWS that she isn’t doing what SHE really wants to do. Tash appears to be wavering – again.

Leah talks to dan. He assures her that he’ll be paying the money he owes to the bookie today. As soon as Leah bails, dan makes a phone call to peter. Dan is distraught when peter says that he can only lend dan $7000 (not the $12000 he needs). No amount of pleading seems to change things.

Dan rings some old friends – but they can’t help.

Dan goes to the bookie’s office – where he is met by the henchman. Dan tells him of the $7000 that he has. The henchman isn’t interested.

Dan decides to try and get the rest of the money – by betting on another race. Dan’s string of bad luck continues – as the horses he packed is JUST defeated. Dan smashes the radio in disgust (he’s in a park, btw).

Soon after, the benchman arrives, he tells dan that the $7000 will be enough – for now, but the rest will be due next week. The benchman can’t believe it when dan says that he doesn’t have the money – as he tried to win it. The henchman said that they warmed dan – and now they ARE going to take Ryan for a longer ride. The henchman starts up his car – dan tries to stop him (to no avail of course).

Dan then rushes home on foot. He’s hoping to get there before the henchman.

Meanwhile, Ryan is playing with VJ in the house – and Leah goes in the bedroom to do some stuff. Dan then frantically enters the house – wondering where Ryan is. Leah & dan search for him – before dan gets a phone call. It’s either the bookie or the henchmen. Dan frantically “tells†them that he wants his son back end of ep)


Morag is closing in discovering Amanda's schemes – but matters are worse for Amanda, because of the Ryan situation

H&A Related News

It’s taken a while but the official H&A website has finally been updated. It looks GREAT – and reminds me of the set-up of the site for 7’s new drama Headland.

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