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Mon 21 Nov 05 - “Martha … And The .... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Martha … And The Sledge Hammer Approachâ€

Ric, Cassie & sally are in the lounge of the van park house. Ric is by the computer- eagerly waiting for the HSC results to come online. When they do, Ric & Cassie are pleased with their results. Sally is also really pleased for them – as is Flynn who enters the room as Cassie & Co celebrates their acheivements.

Later, Ric & Cassie return to the house. they tell sally that Luke & tilly have totally “aced†the results. They also show her that photos from the renewal ceremony (which they’d just got developed). Sally thinks that pics are great – and Ric has a joke about perhaps alf & colleen getting together. All three begin to talk about flyyn – and as they talk, we see Flynn on the stairs, hearing all of this. As Ric & Co talk about Flynn’s condition getting worse, we see that Flynn is V out of breath after descending the stairs.

Soon after, Sally & Flynn are on the back patio. They are looking through the renewal pics. Flynn comments that although he looks good in the pics, he knows that he’s getting worse by the day. Sally lovingly insists that Flynn will ALWAYS look good to her. When sally goes back inside, Flynn makes a phone call – to alf.

Later, alf & Flynn meet near the beach. Alf has set up a video camera – and Flynn then delivers his “beyond the grave†message to his family. He starts with Cassie, then “talks†to Ric (Flynn is esp. pleased that Ric recently said that Flynn is REALLY like a dad to him). Flynn then delivers his message to Sally (expressing his happiness about the great union) and finally Flynn talks about his “little princess†baby pippa. (Note – as with all messages like this, and of many Flynn scenes of late, its V high emotional – and done just so wonderfully).

Martha & jack charge into the hunter house looking for Robbie & Tash. Scott wonders what’s going on – and tells them that Tash is at the commune.

Martha & jack o to the commune – and tell Tash about the “mumma Lilley†case. Tash is as stubborn as ever – and she won’t listen. She suggests that they should go.

When jack & Martha bail, Tash asks Jonah about what jack & Martha have said. Tash believes it when Johan says that the girl was mentally unstable etc.

Jack & Martha go to the beach house where Robbie is grabbing some of Tassie’s things. They try to tell him about everything that’s happened. Naturally Irene is V concerned about what’s happened (and yes, Selina was –of course – mentioned). Robbie insists that he had doubts to start with, and should have gone with his instinct.

Tash then arrives – and says that Jonah told her what happened with the girls. She insists that the police would have charged Jonah & Co if something happened –but jack insists that cults like this are V good at covering their tracks.

Tasha decides to bail – she’s heard enough “lies†but Robbie tries to talk to her (on the back patio). He tries the softly, softly approach – but Irene & Co can see that Robbie’s resolve is wavering. Martha charges onto the back patio. She all but yells at Tash words to the affect of “when you’re barefoot and pregnant to Jonah, don’t come crying to usâ€. Tash then really bails,

Martha tells Robbie that the way to convince Tash is to see inside the “food tentâ€. Robbie tells marttha that he’ll investigate.

Robbie goes to the commune – and is headed for the “food tent†when one of the group reminds him that it’s restricted. Robbie starts to walk away – but double back and is SHOCKED to see THAT sketch of Tasha surrounded by candles etc.

Robbie rushes back to the hunter house – where Tash is packing some of her things. He tells her of the shrine. Tash doesn’t believe him.

They go to the commune – where Robbie demands that Jonah show Tash what’s in the “food tentâ€. Jonah takes Tash & Robbie to the tent – and opens it up. Robbie is shocked when there’s just food there. Robbie insists that there was a shrine there. (end of ep)


Ryan’s life is in danger - ie dan does the whole (Me Gibson like) “give me back my sonâ€

(Note – The show’s website address was displayed in a larger font than it usually is. Seems strange)

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