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Fri 18 Nov 05 - “Mumma Lilley�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Mumma Lilleyâ€

Tilly & Luke are getting annoyed at the stand off between Beth & Tony. Both agree to try to get their parents talking again.

Later, Tilly talks to Tony, and Luke to Beth. Both Tilly & Luke say that the other parent wants to discuss something - at Noah's. As you can imagine, this scene is an intercut one (as H&A usually does with this kind of thing).

Beth is at Noah’s when Tony arrives. Both are standoff-ish. Beth wonders what Tony wants to talk to her about - and Tony wonders that same thing. Both realized that they’ve been set up by Tilly & Luke.

Graham is at Noah’s when Amanda arrives back in town. She eagerly greets him - but graham tells Amanda that he has bad news, as Robbie & tash aren't going to the city. Amanda tells graham of all the trouble she's had with her sister. Amanda insists that sometimes you have to take a stand where family is concerned.

Soon after, graham goes to the hunter house - and surprises Robbie, tash, Beth etc when he says that he's decided that a deal is a deal - and that he's not moving from the flat.

A little later, graham & Amanda are talking at Noah's. Amanda suggests that it might be a good idea if they buy a little cupboard for her at the flat - when she occasionally stays over. Amanda is delighted when graham suggests that she should move in with him permanently (i.e. "the rest of the town be dammed" etc)

At the hunter house, Beth is surprised when Alf arrives and tells her that a friend of his saw Amanda move her things into graham's flat.

Beth charges to the diner - and immediately (verbally) lays into Amanda. When graham arrives, he (of course) takes the side of the wonderfully simpering Amanda. Beth can't believe that her father can't she how Amanda REALLY is. Beth exits in disgust !!!

When graham goes to the counter, Amanda gets a test msg from josh. It says that he'll be back on town next week - and he wonders about the money. Amanda responds by texting that the money is no trouble

When graham returns to the table, Amanda wonders how she is going to "pay her way" as she is unemployed - and there's not that much going in the way of jobs in the bay. Graham insists that he'll help her about monetarily. Amanda in THAT fake voice of hers, thanks graham oh so much.

Robbie & Tash are naturally upset when graham stands his ground about the flat.

However, another opportunity soon arises. When Robbie & tash are at the commune, Jonah suggests that maybe tash & Robbie could come and live with the Believers. Tash loves the idea - as it reminds her of her survivalist past - but Robbie isn't so sure.

Back at the hunter house, tash & Robbie talks about the move. Tash is eventually able to convince Robbie enough so they he says that he'll give the place a chance.

Martha expresses her concerns to jack about the cult. She asks him to try to get some info on them with police resources etc. jack tells Martha that he can't do that just on her hunch.

Things get interesting when Robbie, tash, Beth, jack & Martha are having a meal together at the hunter house. Tash takes offence to the vegetables that Beth serves - as they aren't organic etc. Martha looks at jack - and she can see that he now thinks that Martha is possibly right.

Soon after, jack makes a phone call - to investigate the Believers.

A little later, as Robbie & tash are at the commune telling Jonah that they are going to have a trail period living there, jack tells Martha that about 10 years ago. The police busted a cult with a leader called Mumma Lilley. Martha isn't surprised. Jack continues by saying that Mumma Lilley (now rose) believes that she is a divine being - and that the offspring of her son would also be a divine being. Martha is really worried when jack says that Mumma Lilley tried to have her son impregnate many women. Martha also isn't surprired when jack suggests that Mumma Lilley's son has similar/ the same physical appearance of Jonah.

Whilst jack & Martha make these discoveries, Jonah looks almost smugly at the innocent, unawares Tash (end of ep)


In the final week for 2005, will Tash succumb to Jonah?, it looks like Flynn is making a video for baby pippa before he dies, and we saw an image of ZOE - is she really back ???

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