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Thurs 17 Nov 05 - “Chosen One ???�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Chosen One ???â€

Flyyn is in the bedroom with the ampoules in his hands. He hears sally approaching – and he quickly hides the ampoules in the underwear drawer of his clothes cupboard.

A little later, flyyn is out of the house when sally puts the washing away. She naturally finds the ampoules.

When flyyn gets home, sally is immediately on the attack. She is V angry that Flynn is thinking of doing this – esp. since he had a go at her for wanting to help floss. Flynn tries to explain to sally that now he understands the pain his mum was in when she asked him to help her. Sally bails from the house.

Soon after, alf is fishing on the beach when the totally balling sally approaches. Alf tries to comfort sally – by hugging her.

A little later, sally returns to the van park house. She goes to the bedroom. Flyyn is quite surprised when sally says that she understands why flynn has them (ampoules) there – and flynn insist that the morphine is just there as a TOTAL last resort etc. they lovingly hug – pleased to be back in sync with each other.

Robbie & Tash enter the diner. Robbie sees Graham – and is keen to avoid him. Tash thinks the Robbie shouldn’t be so petty etc. Scott then approaches Tash & Robbie. He asks them to be baby Noah’s godparents. Scott can instantly tell that Tash isn’t keen – and Tash confirms this by acting declining. Robbie looks annoyed at this decision.

Soon after, Robbie & Tash are at the hunter house. Robbie expresses his concerns at Tasha’s decisions. Tash insists that being a godparent doesn’t exactly fit in to her lifestyle etc.

Beth & Co are having a farewell party for Robbie & Tash during which Tash gets a phone call from Jonah. He tells Robbie that Jonah is coming over the house. Tash is surprised that Robbie now doesn’t seen so keen on Jonah and the believers as he previously was.

When Jonah arrives, he tells Tash that he has some great news. The believers are moving form the base in the city to some land near Mangrove River.

Tash then talks privately to Robbie – and he is surprised that she’s now thinking of NOT moving to the city. Tash insists that it be not just because of Jonah & his friends. She insists that it’s fate – as the believers are moving and now Dylan is totally out of danger.

When Tash & Robbie announce that they aren’t going after all, Beth suggests that the going away party is now (obviously) a glad you’re staying party – and you can see that both Martha & Robbie are rather suspicious of Jonah, and his influence on Tash.

Jonah then suggests that Tash &Co should visit the commune – Tash is eager, and so is Martha (because of her suspicions).

When Jonah takes Tash, Martha & Robbie to the commune (in bushland, near a water source), he introduces them all to Mumma rose. She gently touches Tasha’s face – and sys that she is an angel.

As Jonah shows them around the commune, Martha is V intrigued when Jonah says that a partic tent is for food storage. Martha is suspicious because she can see that there are many candles alight in there.

When they get back to the hunter house, Martha expresses her concerns (esp. about the “food†tent) to Robbie.

Meanwhile, in THAT tent, mumma rose tells Jonah that their long (10 year) search is over – and we see, amongst the candles, a framed sketch of Tash !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Martha is keen to discover the truth about Mumma Rose and her followers

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