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Wed 16 Nov 05 - “Voice Of Understanding�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Voice Of Understandingâ€

On the back patio of their house, dan explains everything to Leah. She can’t believe that he kept all this from her – and she is really annoyed that he approached Amanda for money etc. dan is totally in tears as he tries to explain it all – whilst leah for the most part has her arms folded. She realises, and is further annoyed by, the fact that dan dropped the custody case because Amanda was use the gambling against him etc. Leah is further frustrated as she wonders whom the bookie will go after – now that Ryan is in the city with Amanda & her friend.

The next morning, Leah is really acting all happy around VJ – as it’s the birthday. (Note: whilst Leah is talking, its like we’re hearing that real – happy go lucky – Ada, not the worn down by life Leah). Dan enters the room. He wants to talk to Leah about what’s happened – but Leah insists that its VJ’s day and she’s not going to let dan ruin it.

Later, VJ and his friends are having friends his birthday party. Dan’s not there - and Irene notices that Leah isn’t in the most joyous of moods.

They go onto the back patio to talk. Leah tells Irene about what Dan has done. Irene tells Leah that she understands more than most ppl what addictions can do to you. Irene that really gives Leah something to think about – when she asks Leah to wonder “did he did it for himself, or did dan do it to try and help you?â€

When Irene & Leah go back inside, a clown arrives at the party – it’s dan, and he tries to entertain the kids with balloon animals etc.

When the party is over, Leah & dan talk. He says that he was late because he was organising the clown outfit etc. dan tells leah that he’s arranged to borrow the rest of the money from peter (without explanation as to why). Dan promises never to gamble again – and Leah insists that if he does, she’ll DEFNITELY leave him !!!!!!!

At the van park house, Flynn is talking to colleen & alf about some special plans. Colleen & alf are just leaving when sally, Ric & Cassie arrive in the room. After colleen & alf are gone, flynn tells sally, Ric & Cassie to get dressed in some fancy clothes – as he has a surprise for them.

Sally, Ric & Cassie are surprised when Flynn drives them to some bushland – esp. the girls, as they aren’t exactly wearing the most bush friendly shoes. Flynn leads them to a clearing – where alf & colleen have set up a picnic. Sally wonders what’s going on. Flynn says that he really wants to relive the happiest day of his life – the day they got married.

As sally & flyyn prepare for the renewal of vows ceremony, Ric (jokingly) asks flynn if he’s REALLY ready for this (as though Ric’s pretending that it’s the 1-st time around) whilst sally tells colleen that the something blue AND the new is her underwear.

Flynn then approaches sally. He gets down on one knee – and asks sally if she’ll marry him again. Sally eagerly says yes.

Flynn then leads sally to the sight of the renewal ceremony – next the river. A very fighting-back-tears sally (man, Kate Ritchie does these type of scenes so well) tells Flynn how joyous their time together is, and Flynn responds with similar compliments. It’s all V emotional – and totally cool. Oh, and sally & Flynn’s wedding song is playing in the background.

Back at the picnic site, sally, flynn, alf & colleen tell Ric & Cassie about the things that happened when sally & flynn got married – the rain, the runaway carriage, the hospital etc.

As they mention the hospital, Flynn is getting some more champagne from the esky. As he does so, he gently collapses. Sally & the others rush to his side.

When they return to the van park house, Flynn wants to go straight to bed. Sally accompanies him – and Flynn tells her that he’s sorry that he totally ruined today. Sally insists that he did now such thing.

Flynn then insists that he’s totally in pain and thinks he should have some more morphine. Sally insists that Flynn should obey his doctor’s orders. Flynn insists that he will.

A little later, Flynn is alone in the bedroom. He gets out of bed and walks over to his medical bag. He removes some ampoules of morphine from his bag – and considers his next move. (end of ep)


Martha is V suspicious when she, along with Robbie & Tash, visits the Believers commune

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