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Tues 15 Nov 05 - “All That He Wants ....... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “All That He Wants Is Another Baby â€

Author Note – the teaser to this ep revealed a scene that was part of ep 4091 that I wasn’t aware of – because of the bomb scare thing. In the scene in question, Hyde finds drugs in Kimmy’s bag (at the gym). Hyde confronts kimmy but kimmy didn’t appear to care what Hyde had to say.

Kimmy meets up with Kylie at the house of a friend of hers. There’s lots of ppl there for a party. After Kylie introduces kimmy to the host of the party, kimmy insists that he’s ok alcohol wise (as he bought some beer). The host (a guy) suggests that kimmy should try something harder – and kimmy eagerly participates in drinking a few “shotsâ€.

Meanwhile, Hyde is V worried about kimmy – who isn’t answering his phone. Irene senses that Hyde knows more than he’s telling her.

At the party, kimmy & Kylie have more drugs – and they seem to have a worse affect on kimmy than usual. Things get frantic when the police raid the party – and jack is V shocked to see kimmy there.

Back at the beach house, Hyde is pleased when kimmy rings home – but is shocked to here that kimmy is at the police station.

When kimmy arrives at the beach house, both Hyde & Irene majorly chastise him for the drug-taking etc.

Scott & hayley are talking about something (see below) at the diner when Hyde approaches them. Hyde says he’s V worried about kimmy. Hyde insists that he thinks kimmy doesn’t care about anything any more (incl. himself).

At the beach house, baby Noah (alone in his crib) begins to cry. Kimmy enters the room, and talks the bub – and puts the dummy back in it mouth. As kimmy exits the room, he looks longingly at the child, and begins to cry.

Hayley approaches Scott at the Beach house. She tells him, Irene & Hyde that there’s already a buyer for the gym. Irene & Scott are curious when hayley says that the new owner is anonymous. Scott & hayley then bail form the house (note – could the new owner be one of josh’s businesses?)

At the diner, as well as telling about the sale of the gym, hayley tells scott that she is keen to have a christening for baby noah before they leave the bay. Scott loves the idea. Hyde then approaches the couple (see above)

AT Dan’s house, Amanda starts dialling for the police, but dan stops her. He insists that if they get involved, Ryan will be in more danger. Amanda then insists on going with dan to meet with the bookie. Dan isn’t keen – but Amanda isn’t taking no for an answer.

Dan & Amanda arrive at the meeting place – in the bush. Amanda is worried when the bookie appears not to be showing up. She convinces dan to call the police – but just as dan is about to male the call, the bookie arrives.

Dan insists that he will have the money V soon – and the bookie lets Ryan (who appears to be limping a bit) out of the car. The bookie arranges another meeting with dan for later on today (for the rest of the money).

When dan &Co arrive home, Amanda insist that Ryan is spending the night with her. Dan takes offence to this – but Amanda (naturally) responds by throwing the proposed custody case back in Dan’s face. Amanda insists that she’s glad that Leah doesn’t know who dan can really be.

Talk then turns to their marriage – Amanda insists that she strayed because Dan’s gambling tore her apart. She also insists that he REALLY has to stop it before he losses everything again. This prompts dan to frantically suggest that Amanda should take rayn far way form the bay. Amanda is surprised – but insist that she will go (with Ryan) and stay with a friend in the city.

At the diner, Leah has just finished icing VJ’s Bday cake. She is talkig to colleen – and is surprised when colleen says that she saw dan borrowing money from Amanda. Leah naturally is intrigued.

AT his house, dan meets up with a guy who is thinking about buying his car. The unknown guy thinks that Dan’s asking price is rather laughable, but he agrees to pay $9000 for it.

Dan then meets up with the bookie again. Dan gives him the money – and insists that he can’t access any more cash today. The bookie’s henchman grabs dan and starts beating him up – and making things worse for dan is that the bookie tells his that he has to pay an extra $2000 now (interest etc).

Back at the house, Leah wonders where VJ’s cake is dan says that he couldn’t pick it [- because he sold the car. Dan insists that it’s better in the long run that he did that (as the repairs were fairly expansive etc). Leah then goes to hug dan – who reacts painfully. Leah then lifts up his shirt – and sees that injuries. Dan explains them away – and Leah seems to believe him.

Soon after, Leah is in the lounge when she picks up Dan’s jacket. Something falls form it. She picks up the bookie’s card (with hand written betting info on it). Leah then V frankly asks dan what’s going on (end of ep)


Flynn & sally renew their vows – then flynn collapses

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