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Mon 14 Nov 05 - “Sins Of The Father�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Sins Of The Fatherâ€

(Screened in Australia on Mon 14 Nov 05 - Episode # 4091)

Author Note – I apologise for the lack of detail in this ep guide.

Thanks to a bomb scare affecting all of the public transport system where I live, I arrived home about a half an hour late yesterday – approx half way through this ep. My guide for anything that happened in the 1-st half of the ep is basically what a family member told me occurred before I arrived home.

Kimmy is at the beach. He’s either just about to, or just has, gone for a swim. Irene sees kimmy and confronts him. She can’t believe that he’s doing this after the operation etc that he’s recently had. Kimmy tells Irene that he can do as he pleases. When Irene is gone, kimmy rings Kylie – to meet up with her later.

Soon after, kimmy is at the gym. Hyde enters and insists that kimmy REALLY should talk to someone about what’s happened. Hyde says that he’s REALLY speaking form experience, because kimmy knows what the loss of Hyde’s other son did to Hyde. Kimmy insists that he doesn’t need to talk – it’s all over (ie the baby’s not his so who cares).

Kimmy goes to the beach house. He wants to speak to Scott & hayley about what’s happened. All 3 apologise for recent behaviour. Hayley & scott tell kimmy that they want to sever all financial connections to the bay – so hayley is selling both hers & Noah’s share of the gym. Hayley says that she’ll give kimmy $5000, but kimmy takes offence to this. Hayley insists that she just put that share in kimmy’s name, as she didn’t feel it was right to remain in Noah’s name. Kimmy is distraught – he tells hayley & Scott that he’s not surprised at their actions, as they’ve taken everything else from him. Kimmy insists that he doesn’t want their pity, and he hopes that rack off O/S so he NEVER have to see them again. Kimmy the bails.

Soon after, kimmy is (surprise, surprise) pummelling the punching bag at the gym – and he’s all but in tears.

A little later, Hyde enters the gym – all the lights are off. Kimmy enters the room. Hyde wants to talk about what’s happened – but kimmy wants to meet up with Kylie. When Hyde tries to stop Kimmy from leaving the room, kimmy angrily pushed Hyde aside.

Dan is planning to withdraw some money out of the IVF account – to pay off some of his gambling debts, but Leah beats him it, ie she uses it to pay for their next IVF treatment.

When Leah tells dan of this, he approaches Amanda for the money. She agrees to lend him the $1500 that he needs today. Dan then pays this cash to the bookie’s associate.

When dan gets home, he sees that there is an answering message. The bookie is pleased that Dan paid that money – but he insists that he wants the rest (ie $18,500) by this afternoon – or something could happen to ryan.

The frantic dan approaches Amanda at the surf club. She says that she doesn’t that kind of money. Dan follows Amanda out of the surf club – he’s still trying to loan the money off her. Amanda insists that dan should tell Leah want’s happened. Dan insists that he’s told too many lies of late – and that this might be the last straw. Amanda insists that she can’t help.

Later, Dan is at his house when Amanda arrives. She wonders where Ryan is – as she thinks that dan doesn’t trust her (and has picked Ryan up himself). Dan insists that he didn’t. Dan’s phone rings. It’s the bookie – he has Ryan !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Can dan strike a deal with the bookie to get Ryan back – and what happens when dan tells Leah about all of this?

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