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Fri 11 Nov 05 - “From Sceptic To Believer“

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “From Sceptic To Believer“

AT the van park house, Flynn prepares for his last day at work. He tells sally that he's really going to miss it - as he feels like this means the end is getting closer.

When Flynn arrives at the hospital, the head nurse introduces Flynn to a new male doctor named Derek. The newbie is keen to start rounds and Flynn asks Derek to begin whilst he tends to another patient - namely kimmy (see below).

After flying is done with kimmy, Derek approaches him. Derek says that he can't seem to find anything wrong with an elderly female patient that he's tending to. Flynn speaks to the woman named eve. She tells him that she's been living on her own (for approx 40 years) since her husband died. Eve also says that her late husband suggested that she should find happiness with another guy after she died, but eve tells Flynn that she just couldn’t do that etc.

Flynn goes and speaks to Derek. He says that although they don't teach it at medical school, sometimes the best medicine that someone (partic a lonely person) needs is to chat to someone.

Some of the medical staff then presents Flynn for a farewell cake etc.

Flynn then says a final goodbye to the head nurse. She tries to head back the tears, but he does start balling. As Flynn heads towards the door, he sees Derek having a great convo with eve. Flynn then removes his ID pass - and exits the hospital for the last time (as a doctor anyway).

When Flynn arrives home, he tells sally that he has something V important to say to her. He tells sally that, after he’s gone, he wants her to find someone - i.e. he doesn't want her to be lonely etc. sally is initially surprised - but she seems to accept Flynn’s reasoning.

Kimmy is lying in his hospital bed with Flynn arrives. Flynn does some tests - and tells kimmy that he can go home. Flynn insists that if kimmy needs to talk, that he's up to it.

Kylie arrives and she helps kimmy excite the hospital

Soon after, kimmy & Kylie are talking on the beach. She’s’ keen t talk about what’s happened - but, to kimmy, baby Noah is totally in the past, i.e. it’s like kimmy is ignoring that bit of his life. Furthermore, Kylie is surprised that kimmy wants to go to the latest dance club night at Noah’s tonight.

When they arrive, Alf is concerned for kimmy - but kimmy insists that he knows what he is doing.

Meanwhile, Kylie rings a friend - looking to score some drugs. When the friend arrives, Kylie steers clear of kimmy (because of his previous comments about drugs) but kimmy surprises her, i.e. he is keen to join her with the drug taking this time. All of this is under the watchful eye of a surprised Alf (end of ep)

Robbie continues to confront trash about the Believers. She insists that she was having trouble dealing with Dylan’s injuries etc and one of the medical staff led her to speak to Jonah. Tash tells Robbie that she had similar thoughts to the one he’s' having now (about the group) but Jonah & his friend helped her through the tough time.

Robbie is then V surprised when Tash says that she was invited Jonah & some of his friends over for dinner.

By the time that Jonah & his friend charity arrive, Martha & jack are also at the flat. When they sit down the dinner, Robbie over reacts to the fact that Jonah refers to non-vegetarians as murders.

Indeed, Tash suggests that she is Robbie should talk in the lounge about what’s happening. When they do, Robbie insists that he is way sceptical about the (to him) cult like nature of the Believers. Tash convinces Robbie to not be so aggressively against their alternate ideas.

When Robbie & Tash return to the dining table, Jonah & charity surprise jack a little when they say that there's no official law structure within the group. Jonah insists that everyone in their group doesn't require it - as they know, in their hearts, right from wrong.

As the chat about the Believers continues, Jonah & charity say that their group is lea by a woman known as mamma rose. Jonah insists that many problems of today’s society are because it's too patriarchal, i.e. kids who also want to please the fathers are forever looking for that next patriarchal figure (e.g. government leaders etc). You can see that all this patriarchal talk has deeply affected Robbie - which isn't surprising, given his somewhat less than brilliant relationship with his deceased father.

As Jonah & charity are about to leave, Robbie tells that they've given him som thing to think about - and when johan etc have gione, tash is pleased that Robbie isn't so against her new friends.


Flynn & sally renew their vows - before Flynn collapses, whilst Dan's gambing really puts Ryan in danger

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