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Thurs 10 Nov 05 - “Face Painting“

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Face Painting“

Tash surprises Robbie (at hayley &Scott’s engagement party – although we didn’t see the to be married couple in this ep) by saying many new age type comments (esp. in regard to Graham wanting to buy the flat ASAP), and by refusing to eat processed food.

Tash alos goes out of the hunter house to answer a phone call from Jonah. She tells him that she’s not spoken to Robbie about their plans as Robbie’s’ energy is blocked etc.

When Robbie & Tash arrive back at the Flat, Robbie wonders why Tash is acting the way she is. Tash replies with more new age type phrases, but when Robbie finds a pamphlet for The Believers (with the same phrases on it) he is V worried. Tash insists that it’s not a cult – but Robbie is V suspicious (end of ep)

Dan is in the kitchen of his house. He has financial statements all over the table. Leah enters – and wonders what’s happening. Dan sys that he’s just sorting through their bills. When dan puts one of bills in his pocket, he tells Leah that it is the bill from the mechanic (but it’s actually the IVF account paperwork). When Leah leaves the room, dan rings the bookie – and arranges a meeting. Leah is then surprised when dan shouts out that he has to go somewhere right now.

Dan goes to the surf club, where he meets up with one of the bookie’s associates. From the camera angle used, we sense that someone has seen dan hand over the $1500.

Outside the surf club, Amanda approaches dan. It was off course her who saw the transaction. She insists that she WILL tell Leah that dan is gambling again unless Leah & dean drop the custody case. You can see that dan knows that Amanda is V serious about this.

When dan gets home, he tells leah that hes’ had a change of heart, he thinks that they’ve scared Amanda enough etc. dan sugar coats all this by telling leah that he loves her because of how easy going she is etc.

Later, dan meets up with Amanda near the surf club. He tells her that he & Leah are withdrawing the custody appeal. Dan however is still V on edge – and Amanda KNOWS that dan has definitely fallen off the wagon (with the gambling).

Graham enters the hunter house. When Beth enquires, Graham says that he and Amanda have gone their separate ways. Beth says that she feels sorry for Graham.

Meanwhile, outside the surf club, Tilly is in the bushes watching Amanda’s car. Luke approaches – and he is worried about what Tilly is planning.

Luke’s thoughts are vindicated – as when Amanda opens her car door, and gets splattered (mostly in the face) by orange paint !!!!

When tilly & Luke rush over to Amanda, she is livid –and when dan approaches, and wonders who is responsible for all of this, tilly is shocked when Luke say that he did it, because of all the things that Amanda has done to Tilly’s family.

Dan takes Tilly & Luke to the hunter house – where he tells Tony & Beth what’s happened. They are sooooo NOT impressed.

Graham enters the room – and hears what’s happened. He exits the house quickly.

Meanwhile, whilst Tony & Beth are thinking of suitable punishments, Tilly wonders why Luke took the blame for what happened. Luke tells Tilly that its because he is in LOVE with Tilly – and you can tell that he means it. Tilly is over the moon about it.

Elsewhere, Graham meets up with Amanda. He’s V concerned for her – and Amanda uses this for her own advantage. She lays on the charm, and insists that her loving Graham is no act. Graham can’t believe what he’s hearing (in a good way) and they lovingly hug.

Back at the hunter house, Beth sees Tilly’s bag – with the incriminating canister of paint in it. Tony & Beth are even more annoyed at Tilly & Luke. Beth insist that Tilly should go to her room, whilst Tony demands that Luke should go home.

Beth is then V surprised when Graham arrives at the front door – with his suitcases packed (as she knows that he is going to back to Amanda).

We then see Amanda near the wharf. She is V happy with Graham arrives with suitcases in hand. Amanda & Graham cuddle.


What does a patient say to Flynn (on his last day at work) which changes his attitude, and Jonah arrives in the bay

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