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Fri 28 Oct 05 - “Betting Your Sanity Away�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Betting Your Sanity Awayâ€

Author note - as you're about to discover, Martha wasn't at a real shooting range in the previous ep (and neither is she attacked at one - see below)

The ep begins with Martha firing the handgun at an outline of a person. We discover that she appears to be on a farm somewhere. A guy approaches her - and it’s obviously his gun that she's using. Martha is keen to get a gun of her own - but she baulks a little when the guy says that she'll have to get a gun license. Martha tells him that she's got a friend who is a cop who might interfere.

When Martha goes to the police station, she speaks to a cop other than jack. As the other cop goes to get the gun license forms, jack approaches Martha. She lies bout why she is there - but when the other cop hands her the forms, jack is nearby, and he thinks its stupid the she is thinking about getting a gun.

Jack isn't the only one - when Alf hears, he is NOT pleased. He approaches Martha - and says that its NOT a good idea for her to have a gun, as when ailsa got a gun (after diner was robbed in the late 90s) the only person she shot was Alf - when Ailsa was as panicking as Martha currently is, Martha tells Alf that she won't get a gun.

However, things change when Martha goes to local (horse) race day. She is about to place a bet on a horse that she thought looked very good in track work (and let's face it, Martha is farm girl).

When the race is over, Martha goes to collect her winnings - but since she actually put money on another horse (the one that made Wilkins told colleen about), the guy who bet on the horse that Martha suggested took offence to loosing his money. He angrily approaches Martha - and grabs her handbag in retribution. Martha dropped to the ground - as she's V scared.

Soon after, jack starts leaving a message on Martha’s phone - when he sees a group of ppl crowded together. He investigates - and finds Martha on the ground at the center of the assembled ppl. Martha is very panicky (think tasha when max & Flynn 1-st encounter her in mid 2003).

Jack takes Martha home - but she angrily sys that she doesn't need him there for protection etc. she pushes him out the door.

Martha then visits her "friend" with the gun. She wants to get her hands on a pistol - but isn't keen on doing so through legal channels. The guy agrees to the request.

Soon after, Martha is back in the diner flat. She is about to remove the gun form her backpack when Alf approaches. She quickly shoves the gun deep into the bag - and sys goodbye to Alf, as he is going to the city for his fraud case.

Later, Martha is by herself in the darkly lit diner flat. She hears noises outside. She reaches for his gun. She hears someone try to open the door. She is very panicked as she points the gun towards the door (end of ep)

Sally, Flynn, Leah, Dan & the others gather at the diner before they go to big local race day. Sally & Leah look awesome in their dresses but colleen's is a little on the comical side. After they other leaves, sally is concerned for Flynn who isn't looking so good. He insists that he is going to have a great day.

When they get to the track, Irene - who also looks rather fantastic, joins them.

Colleen tells everyone the name of the horse that madge has suggested that they put money on - and there is a play on words because the horse is call "a sure thing".

Whilst the others approach random bookies at the track, Dan heads for the guy that his gambling contact (on the phone yesterday) suggested. Dan bets $1000 on "a sure thing".

Just before the race begins, colleen tells all the she hasn't put money on madge's tip, as there is a horse in the race called "lancey's pride".

The race begins -it's a battle between lancey’s pride & a sure thing. You can see that Dan is getting more & more anguished. It’s a photo finish between the two horses - Dan is totally sweating on the result. The announcer says that "a sure thing" won - Dan is ecstatic!!!!

As they are walking back to their cars, sally notices that Flynn is looking worse, but he doesn't want to hear such things on this day.

At the surf club, everyone’s celebrating a good day. All are surprised that Dan is being more generous with his money - esp. Leah.

Just after sally follows Flynn form the room, Leah sees how much money can have in his wallet - as he opens it to pay for the drinks. She is surprises - and is REALLY not happy when Dan says that he bet $1000 (much of their savings) today. !!!!!

Meanwhile, outside the surf club, sally sits next to Flynn. She wonders what's going on - and Flynn tells her that he has found another lump - i.e. he's getting MUCH worse


Whilst Amanda begins her plans to get graham's money - she is so distracted that Ryan goes missing. Also, what will the scared Martha do with that gun? and Kimmy takes offence to the thought of Scott & hayley taking his child with them to Paris

(Note - static display for the H&A “Romances†DVD was at the bottom of the screen)

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