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Thurs 27 Oct 05 - “Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?â€

As Ric & Cassie talking to alf in the diner (about Martha’s current state), Martha struggles to get up (after falling). Martha is so panicked that she can hardly breathe. She then collapses again.

Seconds later, Ric &^ Cassie enter the diner flat. They are shocked to see Cassie just lying there on the floor. Ric & Cassie inform alf of what’s happened – and he rings Flynn.

When Flynn and sally arrive (they were at the diner talking to Leah & dan), he says that Martha’s body indicates the she suffered a panic attack. Flynn is keen to takes her to hospital – for observation but Martha is against it/ she is also V against sally & Cassie saying the counselling will help her. Martha insists that she is only reminded about Corey because of everyone fussing over her.

Later, Ric & Cassie talk to jack about the Martha situation – something jack says gives Ric & Cassie an idea.

They go to the diner flat – and aren’t taking no for an answer when they “suggest†on taking Martha for an outing.

Soon after, the trio enters the gym. Martha isn’t that keen on participating in the self-defence class that’ about to take place. She feels a little better when she discovers that Jack (of course) is hosting the class.

Naturally, when the ppl at the self defence class have to pair up to practice what jack has taught them, Martha is the odd one out – so jack partners her. Although jack was hoping for Martha to just mostly demonstrate what he’d taught them (eg stamp on the ground next to his foot instead of stamping on his foot). Martha was treating it like she was really being attacked – indeed jack sounded wounded by the time the demonstration was over.

Ric & Cassie were pleased that Martha seems more confidant – and jack obviously thought so to, as he â€grabbed†her from behind. This freaked Martha out – she ran from the surf club, onto the beach – to the diner flat. She then sat against the door and whilst stressfully crying.

At the diner, jack & alf talk about what happened at the gym last night. Alf comments that he just thought that Martha went to bed early.

Meanwhile, at a shooting range, Martha (looking great with a cool pair of sunglasses on – is rapidly firing at a target with a hand gun (end of ep)

AT the surf club, sally, Flyyn, Leah & dan are talking when colleen approaches. She suggests that madge Wilkins has a “sure thing†tip for a local horse race day tomorrow. Whilst sally, Flynn & Leah are eager to go to the race day, dan looks worried – and says that he’ll be busy marking things for school.

Later, Leah & dan go to the hospital – to see if the IVF program they are on has worked. There’s a nervous wait until Flynn arrives with the results. Leah is partic disappointed when Flynn says that she ISNâ€T pregnant. (Note: I must say that I’m finding that Leah doesn’t annoy me as much as she used to – I think it must be because I’m enjoying her on DWTS).

Soon after, at the diner, Flynn tells Leah that if he could change anything the past (ie the operation which caused her problems). Leah goes into the kitchen – as does dan. Leah is stressing about the IVF, esp. the cost of trying again. Dan the surprises Leah – he’s changed his mind and is now going to go to the race day.

Dan then goes into the (mostly empty) main part of the diner. He rings his old bookie – asking about a contact for the local races. (Note – I’ve read that dan, in the past, had a gambling problem)

During that conversation with Leah & dan at the surf club, Flynn & sally explain that Flynn’s just taking things one day at a time etc.

Later, just after Flynn has told Leah & Flynn that bad news (Leah’s not pregnant), Flynn exits the room. As soon as he is outside the room, Flynn breathes V heavily – and has to hold onto a trolley to keep himself from falling.

Soon after, sally goes to diner flat. She & alf talk about Martha for a bit – but then Flynn becomes the topic of conversation. Sally tries to be s brave about the whole situation – but her voice becomes more & more affected as she tries to hold back the tears, as she talks about how she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to cope with things when Flyyn passes away.


Martha has another panic attack - when a man touches her bag as he is walking by her at the shooting range

(Note - static display for the H&A “Romances†DVD was at the bottom of the screen)

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