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Wed 26 Oct 05 - “ "Well, I Hope ... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ "Well, I Hope They Didn't Rip You Off?" â€

Martha is sitting on the couch (in the darkly lit diner flat). She answers the door – it’s Corey. She screams – and wakes in terror.

Alf suggests that Martha should get help – as she isn’t coping with what happened. Martha angrily says that she IS coping – but the anger in her voice reinforces alf’s theory.

Later, Jack arrives at the diner flat. He says the same things to Martha that alf did – but Martha angrily rebukes jack as well.

Soon after, jack & alf are talking in the diner. Both hope that they can make Martha see sense – before something bad happens.

Later, Martha opens her backpack (I’m guessing for the 1-st time since the Corey held her hostage). She slowly unzips it – and the 1-st thing that she removes from the backpack is a card from Corey. This totally freaks Martha out – she has flashbacks of being held hostage. Martha starts to hyperventilate – she then collapses (note 1 – end of ep note 2 – the edgy way that the filmed Martha’s panic attack, and collapse, was great).

In the caravan, Scott tries to revive hayley by massaging her heart. He tries this several tines – with no effect. Scott hears baby Noah cry – and he hopes somehow that this will bring hayley back, but it doesn’t. Scott then thumps Hayley’s chest cavity – this kick starts her heart. Hayley opens her eyes. She’s pleased to see her baby & Scott.

Meanwhile, alf & kimmy are driving along when they spot Scott’s Ute.

In the van, Scott is about to ring an ambulance when he hears kimmy & alf calling out to him & hayley. Alf & kimmy enter the van. Scott tells them what’s happened – but it seems all kimmy cares about is the baby. He eagerly takes the child in his arms, whilst alf & Scott start helping hayley towards the door.

Seconds later, we see everyone at the hospital. Flynn & the doctors take hayley into surgery – and as they do, Irene & Hyde arrive. Scott tells Hyde that kimmy is with the baby in the nursery bit of the hospital. Irene, meanwhile, tries to keep Scott form going insane – as he wants to know what’s happening to hayley.

At the surf club, josh approaches Amanda. He wonders if she’s heard about hayley & the baby. Josh also wonders if Amanda is going to tell Scott & Co about the true paternity of the bub – and you can see that Amanda is seriously thinking about it.

Meanwhile, Graham arrives at the hospital – he tells Scott that he is REALLY proud of him (for delivery the bub, saving hayley etc).

Elsewhere, Hyde enters the room where kimmy & the baby are. Kimmy is totally ecstatic to be a father.

Flynn approaches Scott & the others. He tells them that the heart operation appears to be a success. Flynn adds that it’s new technology that they are dealing with – so they’ll be closely monitoring hayley. Scott is V pleased when Flynn sys that he can go in and see hayley.

Flynn, Scott & Irene enetr the ICU – where hayley is. Flynn slowly wakes hayley – and Scott is V pleased to be that hayley is OK. Scott hugs hayley – and then Flynn tells hayley that she’s got a very important visitor – baby Noah (and Kimmy). Hayley eagerly takes the baby into her arms – and Amanda sees this as she peers into the room.

Flynn tells everyone that hayley needs her rest. Kimmy tells Hyde & the other that he’s going to stay the night at the hospital – with the baby.

When Scott leaves the ICU, Amanda approaches him. She says that she’s got something V important to tell him. Scott (of course) doesn’t want to hear it – and Amanda tells Scott that ppl are right, ie he REALLY is simple. Amanda bails – as Irene tries to console Scott.

Amanda goes to the diner. Graham sees that she’s not looking the best. When Amanda says that she’s having a run of bad fortune, Graham insists that things are bound to get better. Graham continues by explaining that after his tough times, he’s now set to comfortably retire in the bay – after selling his farm. Amanda (brilliantly, ironically) says, “Well, I hope they didn't rip you off?" -Graham insists that he got a V good price for the property, although he won’t reveal the actual amount (as “a man has his secretsâ€).

Soon after, josh enters the diner. He approaches Amanda – and tells her that he’ll be away from the bay for a week or so, but she MUST have the money she’s to invest in the project by the time he gets back. Amanda tells josh that she knows where she’s getting the money form – and all she has to do is get it. When josh asks, Amanda insists that a women doesn’t reveal her secrets (whilst she’s looking at the nearby Graham)


Cassie & Ric are shocked when they find Martha unconscious, whilst Sally & Flynn (who are dressed “to the ninesâ€) continue to live life to the full !!! (Note - static display for the H&A “Romances†DVD was at the bottom of the screen)

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (27 Oct) last year, the FANTASTIC ep where Morag & Josie told Irene, Sally & Flynn that Ian Osborne is Tasha’s dad (and that the beach house is bugged) screened in Australia.

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