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Tues 25 Oct 05 - “Gold Digger … "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Gold Digger ….. AND Ella’s Excellenceâ€

Amanda enters her drama classroom. She tries to talk to the class (incl. Robbie) about the play “Coziâ€. None of the students respond to any of the questions that Amanda asks them, until one makes a comments that Amanda can certainly identify with the one of the crazy characters in the play.

The bell rings, and all the students except Robbie exit. Robbie asks Amanda if she’ll help him out (with the acting business) like she said she would. Amanda can’t believe that Robbie has the gall to ask - after he threw her out of the flat. Robbie insists that personal stuff shouldn’t affect schoolwork. Amanda responds by suggesting that Robbie’s death stare at her during the drama class also had nothing to do with schoolwork.

Robbie REALLY voices his opposition to Amanda’s recent actions - and she responds by slapping Robbie across the face.

Hyde, who is just outside the room, sees/hears this - and enters the room. He tells Robbie to exit - and then he tells Amanda that he’ll have to suspend her (because she hit a student). Amanda responds by telling Hyde that she’ll save him some time etc - by quitting !!!

Amanda is sitting on the beach crying when Graham approaches. He initially takes offence to Amanda hitting Robbie - but when Amanda tells him what happened, Graham accepts her reasoning etc. The scene ends with Amanda resting her teary head on Graham's shoulder.

Soon after, Graham enters the surf club. He tells Scott, Beth & alf that he’s finally sold his farm - and he’s now a multi millionaire (farm sold for $2 million).

A little later, Amanda is eagerly punching the punching bag at the gym when josh enters. He comments on her mood. When josh leaves the room, his phone (in his bag) rings. Amanda decides to answer the phone - and she discovers something (typically) shifty.

When josh returns to the room, adman tells his that she KNOWS that he is the head of the construction company who was won the tender for project 56. Amanda insists that she will tell everyone about josh’s mayoral “issues†- unless josh splits the profits with her 50/50. Josh says that he’ll consider her offer.

Soon after, josh approaches Amanda near the surf club. Josh says that he agrees to her terms - IF Amanda can supply the project with $1.5 million. Amanda says that that can easily be arranged. When josh ask how, Amanda says that now she’s got REAL motivation to raise the cash (note - she also has a friendship with new millionaire Graham).

Hayley is totally in pain - and is getting more pained as the time goes on.

Meanwhile, Scott sees kimmy at the surf club. He wonders if kimmy knows where hayley is - but kimmy doesn’t.

Hayley notices that her mobile now has reception - so she rings Scott. She tells him that the contractions have begun. Scott asks hayley where she is - but the line drops out half way through hayley saying where she is.

Scott tells kimmy & alf that hayley said she is on Old (something) Road. Alf suggests several places where she could be. Scott gets in his ute, whilst kimmy & alf get in Kimmy’s car.

We then see intercut scenes of the trio searching the country roads, and the totally in pain hayley slowly exiting the caravan, trying to makes her way to - well - somewhere. (Btw, Ella Scott Lynch absolutely brilliantly potrayed the in-a-whole-UNIVERSE-of-pain Hayley throughout these scenes).

All the pain is too much for hayley - and she falls to the ground. Scott arrives at the property where hayley is. He sees her on the ground. Scott rushes over to her. He helps her up - and tries to get her to his Ute - but hayley “suggests†that she’s about to give birth at any second.

Scott gets hayley into the birthing position - and urges her to push, breath etc.

After a while, Scott tells hayley that he can see the head of the baby. Hayley insists that she has no strength left to push any more. Scott urges her for one final last big push The excruciatingly in pain hayley (more great acting from Ella) does so - and her baby boy is born.

Scott wraps the bub in his shirt - and shows the child to its mum.

Soon after, Scott, hayley & the baby are in the caravan. Hayley is lying on the bed when she tells Scott that she’s naming the baby Noah. As the (standing) Scott talks to the baby, we see Hayley’s eyes close. Scott looks over to hayley - and sees that she isn’t moving - or breathing. Scott is distraught. (end of ep)


With mum & bub seemingly fine, will Scott listen when Amanda tries to tell him something? (Btw, at the bottom of the screen - whilst the preview played - there was a static display which showed that the H&A “Romances†DVD is out next week.)

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