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Mon 24 Oct 05 - “Outcast ... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Outcast, AND Out … In The Middle Of Nowhereâ€

Scott goes to the diner, looking for hayley. Leah & Co don’t know where she is.

Scott then goes to the surf club. No one there knows about where hayley is either. Beth wonders why Scott is so flustered. He tells Beth, alf etc about Amanda’s evil deception.

Meanwhile, Graham arrives at the flat – to fix the sink. He doesn’t know what’s happened. Amanda is totally in tears when he arrives. Graham listens to her explanation of why she did what she did.

Beth then enters the flat. She TOTALLY tears strips of Amanda – and can’t believe that Graham believes Amanda’s lies.

When Beth returns to the surf club, Scott is still there. Scot tells Beth that he can’t believe that he’s been so gullible again. Beth insists that Scott shouldn’t change his character (honest, trusting etc) just because of all evil woman like Amanda.

Robbie enters the room – raving on about something. He then realises that Scott is in (emotional pain).

In the middle of all of this, josh arrives at the flat. He tells Amanda that the company building the motorway right through summer bay is looking for a local to front their operation. Amanda insists that she wants no part of josh’s schemes – even though josh says that her debt to him will be halved. Amanda leaves the flat to thinks about things.

When she returns, Robbie has packed her bags. He tells Amanda “you honestly didn’t expect to keep staying here after what you did?â€

Next morning, when dan offers to drive Tilly to school, Tilly says that she’s not going to go to her 1-st class of the day – as its drama. Beth “suggests†that Tilly shouldn’t miss out on school just becasuse of Amanda’s private life.

At SBH, Tilly & many of the students are talking in the hallway about Amanda. Alos, dan tells sally that Ryan thinks that he will be teased BIG Time at school today.

Amanda enters the classroom. Tilly, Ric, Cassie, Luke & the other students are in there already. Amanda is disgusted when she sees a baby doll on her seat. She “suggests†the culprit should own up. No one does, so she tells the entire class to leave the room.

Soon after, sally sees Tilly & Co in the hallway. They tell her what happened. Sally enters the classroom – and suggests that Amanda should take the rest of the day off.

Amanda tries to approach Scott again – but he’s in no mood to listen. Neither in anyone else in the bay – Beth, sally, Leah, colleen, and esp. dan.

Amanda the “lets loose†on anyone who’s at the diner at the time – insisting that she made a mistake, and they shouldn't judge her so harshly because all those doing the judging aren’t exactly saints.

Amanda then approaches josh’s car. She gets into it. When josh is off the phone, she then him that she wants IN to his plan. She insists that she is part of the town – and she won’t be bullied out by “narrow minded hicksâ€.

Meanwhile, hayley & the guy who owns the place where she and kimmy were going to get married approach a caravan that situated deep inside the large farm etc property. When hayley gets her mobile in hand, the guy tells her that there’s no reception out here. Hayley is pleased to hear that.

Back in the bay, Scott is still V concerned about Hayley’s whereabouts – he worried that something might happen (because of the combo of the pregnancy & her heart condition).

Hayley begins to enjoy her time alone – with no one to cause her any stress. She then feels some pain. Hayley is pleased when its seems to quickly go away. Things then change big time – hayley gets further pain, and realises that about to go into labour !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Hayley is able to ring Scott, but will mother & child survive the middle of nowhere birth?

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