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Thursday 20 October 2005 - “Parental Guidance"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Parental Guidance â€

Beth & Tony are at the hunter house. They are talking to Scott about his problems (see below). They also talk about Beth’s dad – who is coming to visit again.

When Beth & Tony both reach for some food on the bench. They get really close – their faces are positioned as though they are about to kiss. Both think the situation is rather awkward.

Later, Beth talks to Tilly (hunter house), and Tony to Luke (holden house), about the awkward situation. Both Tilly & Luke think that their parents should persue the relationship – as they obviously have feelings for each other.

Soon after, Tony goes to Noah’s. Beth is working a shift there. Tony asks Beth out on a date – and she graciously accepts.

Later, Tony is at the diner, when he turns around he bumps into Beth’s dad (although Tony doesn’t know its Beth’s dad, of course). Beth’s dad complains that his suitcase has been damaged etc.

Soon after, Beth’s dad arrives at the hunter house. She is pleased to see him.

A little later, Tony arrives at the hunter house. Beth greets him – but when Beth’s dad sees Tony he’s not pleased that Beth is going out with the guy who damaged his suitcase etc.

Ric, Cassie etc get some recent test results back. Ric tries to hide his bad results – but Cassie finds out. Cassie, Tilly & Luke offer to help with his studies – but Ric insists that he knows that answers, it’s just that’s his mind go blank when he enters the exam room etc.

Before they enter the next exam, Cassie sees that Ric was some of the work on the back of his ruler. She persuades him not to take the ruler into the test.

Once inside the exam room, Ric seems to have a terrible time with the questions – although he tells Cassie, Tilly & Luke (at surf club) that he went well.

When they leave, a “friend†approaches Ric who offers to sell him the stolen exam questions – for a price.

Amanda is at the gym when Scott enters. She eagerly tells him that she went for an ultrasound this morning – and the bub is fine. Scott is annoyed that she didn’t invite him to ultrasound. Amanda tells Scott that if he doesn’t want to be with her, then he’s not to be involved with the baby – or Ryan. Scott thinks that’s childish -but Amanda responds by saying that Scott is the irresponsible one (for getting her pregnant – then running back to hayley).

When Scott talks to Tony & Beth about it, Tony suggests that Scott should TOTALLY back off – and not have anything to Io with Amanda. Tony thinks that Amanda might change her tune if Scott does this.

When Scott packs the rest of his things from the flat, the V hurt Amanda claims that Scott is now “rubbing it inâ€.

Throughout all of this, Robbie tries to be there for Amanda, and yet he also tries to make her see Scott’s respective as well.

Amanda gets out of the shower – and is shocked to fund Josh in the Flat. He tells her that he has a way that she can completely rid herself of debt. Amanda tells josh to get lost.

Soon after, Scott gets a phone call from the hospital. It’s Bert – who tells Scott that there’s concern with the ultrasound (and Bert hasn’t been able to contact Amanda). When Bert is off the phone, the nearby josh is pleased that the wheels are in motion for his latest plan.

Scott arrives at the flat. He tells Amanda about the ultrasound phone call. Amanda insists that she will go to the hospital ALONE about this. Scott isn’t pleased.

Soon after, Amanda is talking to Robbie about the whole Scott situation. Something Robbie says clearly gives Amanda an idea (you can see it in his face).

When Robbie has bailed, Amanda rings Scott. She’s totally is actress mode as she tells him that she is in pain. She says that she thinks that she is miscarrying the baby – with the appropriate (fake) pained groans etc (end of ep)


Scott discovers the truth about Amanda’s baby deception

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