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Tuesday 18 October 2005 - Episode # 4072

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “This Isn't a HUNG Juryâ€

Irene saying that Corey is poisoning here is that talk of the own. Most think that it’s the drugs, of the psychosis, talking but jack is curious - so he goes and sees Irene at the care facility.

Irene tells him what occurred when Corey admitted to poisoning her. When jack goes out of her room, her asks one of the nurses about Corey’s mum. The nurse confirms that Cory’s mum is a facility where Corey said that she is.

Meanwhile, at the beach house, Corey scribbles over Irene’s photo with a red pen. He then opens up the page fully - and there’s MANY ppl whose pics haven’t been defaced. Corey the goes to kitchen and tips the mercury down the sink. Martha enters - and Corey says that the sugar bowl had ants in it. Martha tells Corey that she hopes that he isn’t too distressed by Irene’s accusations etc.

Soon after, Corey goes to the police station. He tells his superior officer that we wan6ts a transfer - so he can be close to his mum.

When jack hears about this he is even more suspicious - he warms Martha about Corey but she thinks that she’s just jealous.

Jack confronts Corey about his decision to leave - and he’s partic wondering why Corey would just leave Martha like this. Corey insists that he want Martha to go with him.

Jack is not pleased - so he continues his investigations into Corey’s past. He discovers that Corey has had many transfers, and they’ve been under suspicious circumstances.

Jack is annoyed when he is ordered by the boss to attend a crime, so he asks Lara to check out the connection between 3 names that corey has been associated with.

Meanwhile, Corey tells Martha of his transfer. He suggests that she can go with him - and treat it as a holiday, ie if she not like it, she can return to the bay.

Jack & his boss are having coffee after they attended that crime - and the boss senses that jack is in a hurry to return to the return to the station. The boss also wants jack to clearly voice his suspicions of Corey - but jacks insist that he want to get proof 1-st.

At the surf club, Martha tells alf about leaving town with Corey. Alf is sad that she is leaving, but is assured by Corey that he will take care of her.

When jack returns to the station, Lara tells him that she believes that all 3 are linked to a court case about corporate fraud. Lara tells jack that the 3 wither died, or been severely affected, by poisoning.

Meanwhile, at the beach house, Corey injects some poison into some chocolates.

Jack then calls up (on the computer) the newspaper article about the court case. Accompanying the article is a pic of the man sentenced to jail - AND his son, Corey Henderson !!!

Jack races over to where Lara is - and discovers that the other 3 ppl AND Irene were all jurors on the court case which found Corey’s dad guilty.

Meanwhile, before hayley sees Corey & Martha off, he asks hayley to give Irene the chocolates - but requests that hayley not tell Irene who they are from. Corey looks rather smug as he exits (end of ep)


Will Jack be able to prevent both Irene AND Martha form being harmed???

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