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Monday 17 October 2005 - Episode # 4071

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “An Eye For An Eyeâ€

Robbie comes home and finds Amanda in tears sitting in the floor. He wonders if they’ve been broken into - but Amanda admits that she did all this. Amanda tells Robbie that it’s because Scott went running back to hayley. Robbie tries to comfort Amanda - before he bails.

Soon after, Robbie encounters Scott at this cur club. He tells Scott bout Amanda and that flat etc. Scott is concerned - but then he hears that hayed is distressed (see below).

Soon after, Amanda & Ryan are walking in the park, when a viscous dog barks at them. Amanda grabs Ryan’s bag - and tries to use it to protect them from the dog.

After the ad break, Alf is tending to Amanda’s bloodied hand. Amanda tells alf that she thinks the dog should be put down etc. the police are called (see below)

Soon after, colleen & alf are fussing over Amanda’s injuries at the diner. Scott then enters, and Amanda is annoyed when Scott says that he was going to see hear, and then he heard bout hayley. Amanda is most annoyed that she inly cares for her because she is carrying his baby.

At the care facility, the guy in charge tells hayley, Hyde & Corey that they aren’t a medical facility etc - and will need to consult the hospital if things (Irene) get beyond their control.

Hayley &Co enter Irene’s room. Irene tells hayley that hayley isn’t her friend - because if she was, hayley would be looking for the person who is poisoning Irene.

When hayley, Corey & Hyde have left Irene’s room, Corey has this kind of evil look on his face - as he looks through the window into Irena’s room.

Back at the beach house, hayley comments that Corey was very understanding today. Corey tells her that he’s been through all this before - as his mum was put into a psych unit after his dad died.

Also, kimmy packs more of his things. Hayley is keen to talk about what they’ve been though - but kimmy doesn’t want to know, and he bails.

Scott, upon hearing about the whole Irene thing, arrives at the beach house and hayley voices her distress about what’s happening to Irene.

Soon after, jack & Corey arrive at the scene of the dog attack on Amanda. When jack is at their patrol car (radioing back to base) he hears a gun shot. When he turns around, the dog is dead. Corey claims that the dog broke free of the rope it was tied with and had begun to charge towards Corey. Jack seems V sceptical of all this.

When they are back at the station, their superior officer questions both about the incident with the dog. Jack clearly doesn’t like Corey's responses.

Meanwhile, at the care facility, a nurse enters Irene’s room. She “asks†Irene to take her pills - and checks to see if Irene has taken the pill. As the nurse walks away, Irene knocks her tray of food onto the floor. She apologises for doing it. When the nurse reaches down to clean up the food, Irene garbs her ID pass. When the nurse is gone from Irene’s room, Irene spits out that pill - and exits her room. She uses the stolen ID to get out of the building. An alarm sounds - and several ppl rush at, and restrain, Irene.

When they are out of the superior’s office, Corey comments about where her mum spend time in the psych institution. Jack is surprised when Corey says that the place was in Albury (as that in far from the city [sydney] where he believed that Corey grew up).

They then get word of what’s happened to Irene (with the escape). Corey exits - to so to the care facility, whilst jack makes a phone call (to check on Corey’s past).

Hayley & Corey are in Irene’s room - with Irene And a carer. Irene insists that she is being poisoned - but hayley doesn’t believe her.

When hayley & the carer go out of the room. Corey tells Irene that he believes that she is being poisoned. The seated Corey then stands over Irene when he says, “you get you deserveâ€. At that moment, Irene realises that Corey is poisoning her. She yells this out. Hayley &the carer enter the room. Irene tries to convince them bout Corey - but hayley & the carer thinks that Irene is having another “turnâ€. The carer injects Irene with a needle that knocks her out. Corey, of course, looks V smug about all this. (end of ep)


After taking Irene’s’ sanity, Corey plans to take Martha with him out of the bay. Will Jack discover the truth before it’s too late?

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