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Friday 14 October 2005 - Episode # 4070

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Role Reversalâ€

Corey is looking at some info on mercury poisoning. He flips the page and we send what looks like the page of a diary - outlining with fiendish actions. We then see a newspaper article about his dad being charged with corporate fraud. All of this is in a scrapbook of some kind. Then we really get to the juicy stuff - several black & white pics - with the various ppl's faces covered in red pen. The only one without red pen is Irene - so it appears that Irene is the last person of Corey’s' hit list

Hayley & the others continue to be worried about Irene' suggestions that she is being poisoned - and they are also frustrated that she won't take her pills. Irene won't even eat the muffins that Martha has bought over - as she thinks they are poisoned (even though Martha or Hailey crumbled one up).

Jack arrives, and Corey isn't keen to leave Irene, but Hailey &Martha insists that they can look after her.

When the cops arte gone, Hailey tries to get Irene to take her pills - Irene knocks the glass out of her hand. Hyaley & Martha are rather distressed - but Irene does eventually take the pills.

Later, it's time for more pills. Hyde & kimmy are there now as well. When the softly, softly approach fails this time, Hyde insists that must be cruel to be kind. Hayley insists on doing it. She approaches Irene - and yells at Irene. Hayley accuses Irene of being very selfish etc (all V emotional). Hayley can't take it any longer - when Irene takes the pills, hayley bails (see below).

When hayley returns, they (hayley, Corey, Hyde, Martha) discover that Irene has locked herself in this bathroom. The distressed Irene tells hayley & co that she is trying to rid herself of all the poison - you can hear that she is trying vomit it out f her system. Things get more serious when Irene insists that she has a knife - and is prepared to use it on herself if they try to get into the bathroom.

Hayley "suggest" the others that she will talk Irene out of there.

When the others have gone onto back patio, hayley uses some if her own history to try to get Irene out of there. hayley reminds Irene of the time that hayley locked herself in the bathroom - after will took her diary to school, and read it aloud to everyone. Hayley reminds Irene that Irene talks her out of the bathroom that day - and that now the roles are reversed. Hayley is relieved when Irene unlocks the door.

Later, hayley & the others are talking about Irene’s situation. Corey suggests that there's mental care facility not far form the bay. Hayley clearly isn’t keen on the idea.

Soon after, hayley, Hyde & co are on the back patio. They agree that it's for the best that they takes Irene to a place that can care for her more.

Jack ^ Corey enter the house - with hayley, Hyde etc. hayley tells Irene their decision. Irene doesn't want to go. Hayley is heartbroken as she tells Irene that it's for the best. As jack & Corey grab Irene, to take her from the house, we see the distressed hayley - and we can hear Irene’s harrowing cries (end of ep)

Robbie is eating breakfast when Amanda enters the room. She’s keen on some of the bacon that he's having. When Robbie comments on morning sickness, Amanda says that she didn't suffer it with Ryan - or this time. Kimmy enters, and garbs some toast off Robbie’s plate. Scott & Beth enter the house, and goes into the kitchen - they jokingly grab some that food that's on Robbie’s plate.

Soon after, Beth gives Amanda some baby clothes that she's just bought. Amanda is clearly stoked that Beth is being so supportive (given Beth’s earlier reactions to scot/amanda and the news of the bub).

When Robbie & Beth have bailed, Scott have to set Amanda straight about their relationship. He insists that he will be there for her (and the baby) but his heart belongs to hayley.

Soon after, Scott sees hayley on the beach (this is the see below bit). She is crying - because of Irene. You can tell that both you to kiss - and they (joyously) do,

. We then see that sitting on the bench that is up the road from the diner. They yak about their own situation, and how hayley is worry for Irene. They kiss some more - and Amanda sees this.

Soon after, hayley enters the surf club. Amanda sees her and immediately (verbally) attacks - accusing hayley of being a total tease)(to kimmy) and for stealing guys (Scott) for others (namely herself). Hayley sooooooo didn't need this - considering her probs at home with Irene.

Later, Amanda is working out at the gym when Scott enters. He sees her anger from the way she is pushing herself too hard. Amanda tells Scott that she saw him with hayley. Scott tells Amanda that she knew where his heart is - but Amanda doesn’t care about this. She all but screams at Scott "but you carrying MY child" etc.

Soon after, Amanda is alone at the flat. she is sooooo distraught with what's occurred that she trashes the living room, including the pics of her & Scott - and esp. the baby book that Scott gave her.


Will ANYONE listen to Irene's thoughts that she is being posioned ???

(note - i thank Valk for this - i watched the preview that she downlaoded - as when i preset this ep, i'd set the tape to stop at 7.35pm, and the ep went slightly beyond that time)

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