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Thursday 13 October 2005 - Episode # 4069

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Harmful Substances â€

Sally is speaking to hayley, Hyde & Corey at the beach house. Form the way hayley &* Co are talking, Flynn’s illness is now common knowledge. Hayley tells sally that they are about to go to the hospital to visit Irene.

AT the hospital, the doctors ask hayley & Co. if they’d like Irene to return home, or be cared for in the psych ward etc. Hayley is unsure – because of Irene’s’ current “mental†state. Corey thinks that they should take her home – as a familiar environment might help (and Corey can’t exactly drug Irene in hospital). The doctors insist that hayley & Co must make Irene takes her medication – as they are the reason why she’s not suffering from the effects of the “psychosisâ€.

When Irene arrives home, she comments that the food at the hospital tasted differently to what she’s used to. Hayley suggests that the doctors told her that it’s because of the drugs she’s taking.

Soon after, Irene doesn’t want to takes her pills – but hayley insist that she should. Irene takes the pills, but when hayley walks back inside the house (Irene on back patio), Irene spits the pills into a handkerchief.

Later, Irene spits out her coffee. Irene claims that she is being poisoned. Hayley & Hyde think its further evidence of her psychosis. Irene’s cause isn’t helped when she grabs her hankercheif for her pocket – and the pills fall on the floor. Hayley thinks the poisoning thing is because Irene hasn’t taken her pills. Hayley then watches closely as Irene takes the pills.

Soon after, corey convinces hayley & hyde to go out – as he can takes care of Irene whilst they are out.

When they are gone, Corey asks Irene if she’d like some coffee. Irene thanks corey for this – and for being so helpful etc. corey then, of course, adds some mercury to her drink (note 1 – corey looks V devilish as he does this. Note 2 – end of ep)

Robbie is at the Flat when Tasha rings. She tells him that she’s staying in the city a little longer – ie she won’t be home tonight as planned. (Note – given the events of this ep, I DO wish that Tash had made it home on time).

Soon after, kimmy arrives at the Flat. He tells Robbie that he’s been in the city for the past few days – trying to sort his life out. Kimmy asks Robbie if he can stay at flat for a bit – as he doesn’t want to live in same house as hayley at present. Robbie says that he can.

Robbie can see how badly kimmy is feeling – so he suggests that kimmy should go with him to a nature reserve for the night, as Robbie had booked it for himself & Tash. Kimmy is sceptical, but he agrees.

When they arrive at the place, Robbie & kimmy are shocked when they discover that Robbie had booked a room at a place where clothing is optional !!!!! Kimmy wants to bail straight away – but Robbie convinces him to stay.

Later, they go to the bar at this nudist camp. Both Robbie & kimmy are fully clothed – and the other ppl there suggest that “when in Rome … “ but kimmy & Robbie don’t agree with that.

When they are to their room, kimmy insists that Robbie is sleeping on the couch (as they couldn’t get a twin share etc room).

Next morning, kimmy awakes – and Robbie is beside him on the bed. Robbie is half-asleep and obviously thinks that kimmy is Tash. Kimmy well & truly wakes Robbie up – and Robbie V quickly gets off the bed.

Soon after, kimmy can’t believe that Robbie has decided to go with the whole “Rome:†thing. As they are walking towards the breakfast hall, Robbie removes the towel he is wearing – but Robbie is shocked when he is the only one without clothes on (the hostess tells them that ppl here always eat with there clothes on).

When Robbie & kimmy arrive back at the flat, kimmy thanks Robbie for making him laugh (by doing the whole naked thing).

Later, kimmy & Robbie go to Noah’s – and they are obviously having another dance club themed night. Kimmy encounters hayley there – there’s a bot of small talk between them, but neither is really ready to TRULY speak to the other.

Kimmy & Robbie are surprised when the hostess at the nudist camp (and her friend) arrives. Kimmy seems kind of interested in the hostess. She offers him what looks like an ecstasy tablet. He refuses it – but doesn’t seem to have any issue when she takes the drug.


Hayley & Scott KISS, and Corey continues his revenge on Irene

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