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Wednesday 12 October 2005 - Episode # 4068

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Inquisitive Tillyâ€

Leah & dan, and then colleen, arrive at the van park house. Both Leah & colleen have bought over meals that they’ve cooked for Flynn & Co. Colleen I concerned that Flynn risked his life by doing the whole motorsport thing - and she also frowns upon flynn when he says that he does want a beer with his meal. Flynn clearly doesn’t like all this fussing/interference - and colleen’s words are the last straw. He forcefully tells her (and Leah & dan) that he is going to do whatever he pleases (skydiving etc) as there’s NO chance that he’ll recover from this. Flynn then tells colleen & Co. that if they can’t accept his decisions, then perhaps they shouldn’t be near him until they can (deal). Colleen & Co then “fall into lineâ€.

Later, Tilly & Luke arrive. They wonder about why there are lots of flowers in the house. Sally tells them that it’s the anniversary of sally & Flynn’s 1-st date. Tilly is clearly suspicious of the explanation - but she exits with Luke, Ric & Cassie all the same.

At the diner, Tilly & Luke comment on how suspicious the likes of Ric, Cassie, Leah & colleen are behaving. Tilly & Luke decide to act on their suspicions. They go into the kitchen - where Leah & Co are - and confront them.

Soon after, Ric & Cassie tell sally & Flynn that Tilly & Luke know. Flynn is furious, eg “I asked you to do one little thing†etc.

Flynn storms off onto the back patio - and sally follows him. Flynn is annoyed that all these ppl are pitying him. A VERY emotional sally (another great performance by Kate Ritchie) insists that alf &Co don’t pity flynn - they care for him … and want to “be there†for him etc.

Josh wonders why Amanda is at the council chambers. She tells him that she was hoping to arrange a payment plan (for the money she owes him). Josh then hears the beep a fax machine makes when it’s finished faxing something. He grabs Amanda - and goes into his office. He insists on harming Ryan if Amanda doesn’t tell him whom she sent the fax to. The scared Amanda is forced to admit that she faxed it to Morag. Josh then reinforces that he will hurt Ryan - if Amanda exposes Project 56.

Josh rushes towards the diner flat. Fortunately for him, everytime that Morag goes to look at the fax, the likes of alf & colleen interrupt her. When Morag is in the diner (helping colleen with a difficult customer) josh enters the flat - and grabs the fax.

However, when he is exiting the flat, Scott sees him do so. Scott comments about this to Morag - who suspects that josh, must have been in there to get the fax.

Morag foes to the council chambers - where (outside) she sees a heated conversation between josh & Amanda. During this heated discussion, josh & Amanda call an uneasy truce - as they both have something on the other. Indeed, josh agrees with Amanda says that she’ll pay him back when she can

AT the surf club, Morag confronts Josh about both the fax they he stole, and about his association with Amanda. Josh denies everything - but Morag insists that she will get to the bottom of this. When josh has left the room, Morag rings one of her associates - for info on the josh/Amanda connection.

Soon after, Morag goes the Robbie/Tash flat. She confronts Amanda about josh & Amanda living in the same apartment building in the US. Amanda also denies all knowledge - but Morag makes it VERY clear that she’ll be keeping an eye on both Amanda AND josh.

Later, it’s very late at night. Josh meets with some businessman in a clandestine meeting in the major’s office. Josh reveals project 56 - a motorway right through the centre of Summer Bay !!!!! (end of ep)

Meanwhile, josh & Morag weren’t the only ppl who Amanda spoke with in the ep. Scott came over to the flat. He gave Amanda a present - a baby book, with the ultrasound pic already in it. You can see that Amanda (wonderfully) is all but in tears as Scott talks about how great it will be when they raise a family together.


Robbie & Kimmy discover that they’ve checked into a nudist camp, and who’s poisoning Irene? (the voiceover dude said they you’ll never suspect - and if I didn’t already know, I wouldn’t have suspected this person either)

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