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Tuesday 11 October 2005 - Episode # 4067

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “MY Perfect Combinationâ€

Flynn, sally, Ric & casse are having breakfast. All comment on how well Flynn looks. Sally tells Flynn that they’ve got a big surprise for Flynn today, but they won’t reveal what it is.

Alf enters, and comments on the way Flynn looks. Flynn tells alf that he’s no longer having any treatment – and Flynn actually says “quality over quantity†(my title for a recent ep). Alf is surprised – but accepts Flynn’s decision.

Sally, Flynn & Co arrive at a place very familiar to me. Flynn is blindfolded as he exits the car. When the blindfold is removed, Flynn can’t believe that he is in the pit lane of Oran Park Raceway (near Sydney). Even better is that there’s a Holden racecar (from The V8Supercar Experience) near him.

Racecar Driver Mal Rose approaches Flynn & Co – and then takes Flynn for some laps of the race circuit in the awesome black Holden. Flynn, naturally, is over the moon as Mal quickly laps the racetrack – we’re talking speeds of approx 250 kph.

When they return to the pitlane, Flynn tells sally & the kids about how great a time he had. Flynn wonders if he can actually drive the racecar – and is ecstatic when the answer is yes.

Flynn then tours the circuit at a reasonable speed – before really “flying†down the main straight (much to his own, and Sally’s, enjoyment).

When Flynn returns to the pitlane, Flynn tells sally, Ric & Cassie that today has been completely amazing – and, to top off the racing experience, flynn & Co have the obligatory champagne fight. (Note1: this is AWESOMELY the 2-nd time a Baysider has been aboard on V8Supercar, as hayley won a competition for a ride in Terry Finnigan’s Sony Autosound Holden a few years ago. Note 2: I LOVE that this has combined my 2 fave things in the universe – H&A and V8Supercar).

Flynn tells sally & the kids (now back home) that today has been prefect. Then, Leah & dan enter – they know about Flynn’ cancer (as when they were at the hospital for their IVF, a nurse commented on the hospital being “down†a doctor)

Morag is out on her morning walk – when she sees josh with a number of businessman. Morag is too far way to hear what’s being said – but we hear josh says that project 56 will be approved today.

At Noah’s, Morag approaches josh. She tells him that she knows that he’s up to something – but josh insists that businessman were interested in eco-tourism etc.

Josh then speaks to Amanda. He wants her to pay him all the money she owes (as he no longer needs her for anything).

Meanwhile, Scott arrives at the hospital. Dan & Leah rang him – to see if he’d takes care of Ryan for the day (as Amanda isn’t answering her phone).

Scott & Ryan are playing with a slotcar set when Amanda arrives home. Scott comments to Amanda that he saw the guy that gave her the ultrasound pic when he was at the hospital earlier. Amanda insists that it was a slip of the tongue that she called the guy (Bert) a doctor.

Scott then takes Ryan to a birthday party, and Amanda drowns her sorrows. She hears a knock at the door. She puts bottle in fridge. It’s josh – who wants his money by tomorrow – or Amanda’s secrets will be outed.

Amanda’s been drinking some more when dan arrives. She hides the bottle – but he finds it. Dan can’t believe that Amanda is risking things for the baby. Amanda tells dan that she wished that Scott loved her for her (not just because she’s carrying his child)

When Ryan arrives at the flat, he wonders why Amanda is always so sad lately, Amanda tells Ryan that someone knows her secrets – and is willing to expose her. Ryan says that if that hastens at school, he’s merely discovers that person’s secrets. Amanda kisses rayn – and sys that he’s a genius. She quickly exits the flat.

Meanwhile, Morag in at the council chambers getting some info. Josh asks the secretary for another copy of the project 56 file. Josh alos threatens to have Morag arrested if she doesn’t leave the council premises.

Soon after, In diner, Morag tells alf what happened with josh. The nearby Amanda overhears – and realise that project 56 is the way out of her trouble.

She goes to the council chambers. She enters the major’s office (note – in the foyer of the chamber, there’s already a large pic of josh in mayoral robes etc). Amanda searches -= and she finds the file. Amanda quickly skims it – she looks shocked. She then hears someone coming – Amanda starts faxing the file to an unknown number.

She exits the mayoral office – but josh confronts her (end of ep)


Sounds like Morag discovers Josh’s AND Amanda’s secrets

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