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Monday 10 October 2005 - Episode # 4066

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Stupid Voters …. AND Doctorsâ€

Hayley, Martha & Corey arrive at the beach house. They are concerned that Irene isn’t there – esp. since Irene’s mobile & purse are still in the house.

Soon after, Hyde arrives at the beach house – because hayley is worried bout Irene. Corey however (unsurprisingly) isn’t that concerned.

The search for Irene begins – and it’s tricky because Irene has taken her car. Corey & Martha have no luck finding her, so they go to the surf club where they’ll meet up with hayley & Hyde to make further plans

Whilst the club, Corey opens up to Martha. He tells her that his family is very fragmented now – and it’s all because of the way his father died. Corey tells Martha that his father got involved in illegal activites at work. He was imprisoned – and because his father couldn’t handle it, he committed suicide. Corey tells Martha that this is the 1-st time that he’s told anyone about this.

Meanwhile, hayley & Hyde find Irene’s car in the bush. The keys are in the ignition. Irene is nearby – which the most intense look in her eyes – but hayley & Hyde don’t find her.

Soon after hayley, Hyde, Martha & Corey return the beach house, Irene enters that house. She says that she just felt like walking home, but hayley is V worried that Irene seems V disorientated.

They take Irene to the hospital. After Irene is examined, hayley is V concerned – because when they approach Irene. She says that she’s had a great day …. as she’s been chatting with Chloe.

Hayley informs the doctors, and after a psych referral, another doctor approaches hayley &Co. this doctor says that Irene is suffering from some kind of psychosis. Hayley, Hyde & Co are V distressed – whilst Corey is pretty nonchalant about it all (note – all I can say is “my kingdom for a blood testâ€)

Alf is fired up about these allegations of fraud. Morag, Luke & others “suggest†that alf should keep calm – but he’s not really listening.

Morag does some investigating, as there’s no evidence that the guy who gave alf the $10000 donation exists. Alf is off course further annoyed – but Morag insists that they can’t “attack†josh without proof.

Soon after, alf doesn’t like it when Luke arranges an interview with a local radio station. Morag thinks that alf should do it – but he mustn’t defame josh.

The interviewer arrives at the diner. She asks alf about the fraud allegations. He gets V defensive – and, much to Luke & Tilly’s disgust, starts a verbal attack on Josh, ie josh is behind this, and alf also rattled off all the other things that josh has done to the bay over the years.

The interviewer who josh – who tells the listeners that alf obviously has nothing if he’s reduced to petty tactics like that.

When alf hears that on the radio, he immediately charges to the surf club. Alf & josh have a verbal confrontation, and then things get too much for alf – he punched josh (with lots of cameramen around).

Next morning, THAT confrontation is on the front page of the paper. Morag tells alf “you know what you have to doâ€.

AT the polling booth (the surf club), Josh is buttering up EVERYONE, and Alf publicly apologises to him.

Soon after, the results are in. the voters are obviously morons as Josh is elected mayor (note – is DB having a go at the voters of the world whom elected the likes of Howard, Bush & Blare?)

Josh is in the mayoral office when he phones someone. He tells the person on the other end of the line that Project 56 can now commence – and “summer bay won’t know what’s hit it!!!†(end of ep)


Amanda truly uncovers what Project 56 – but will she be able to use it against Josh (given her own lies)

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