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7 October 2005 - Episode # 4065

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Quality Versus Quantity“(

Flynn is VERY annoyed with sally for telling colleen. He tells sally that all his life he's been seen by ppl as the strong one. and now he'll be pitttied etc. sally insist that their true friends will not think any less of Flynn.

Later, sally exits the house - after Flynn assures her that he'll be fine looking after baby pippa by himself. However, whilst doing so, Flynn begins to really feel ill. He goes to the kitchen and sits on the floor - as he's too exhausted to go any further. When baby pippa approaches, he uses the TV show she's watching to distract her for his painful situation.

Soon after, colleen arrives at the house. She’s taking a break from work to deliver a cake that she's made. Colleen sees baby pippa - and then is shocked to see Flynn slumped on the kitchen floor. She rings sally - and then takes baby pippa upstairs.

When sally arrives, Flynn is very distressed at what's happened. They both agree that he should go to the hospital for further tests.

At the hospital, doctor Matthews does some tests - but he has bad news for Flynn. Despite the chemo, the (cancer) growths have gotten bigger. Flynn is extremely worried.

When they get home, sally tells Flynn that they always knew that it would take time for the treatment to start to really work. Flynn, however, has other ideas. He shocks sally when he says that he doesn't want any further treatment. Flynn says that any time that he is gaining by having the chemo session is being negated by the fact that they are making him too sick to enjoy that time. Flynn wants to spend all the time that he has left being as healthy as possible. Sally is deeply anguished - she tells Flynn that she wants to hold onto him for as long as she can.

Soon after, Flynn is lying on the bed. Sally is sitting beside him. Form the way sally is speaking, she's decides to go with fly’s plan. Both insist that they spend all the time they have left together doing every that they've ever planned to do (note - these scenes were wonderful, and if/when Flynn dies, I hope it just as, if not more, emotional, than Meg bowman's awesome death at sunrise in April 1992).

Colleen returns to the diner (after the Flynn incident) and Irene is VERY annoyed with colleen for her attitude towards working at the diner. The discussion gets so heated that Irene fires colleen.

After colleen exits (in a total huff), Leah has a go at Irene because of her recent attitude. Irene is forced to admit that she's been having headaches constantly - and is getting REALLY worried bout them.

When Irene says this, Hailey, Alf & Leah are V worried. Irene, however, is most distressed when Alf suggests that the noises etc that Irene’s been hearing sound like what he went thorough with the brain tumor. Alf’s words, however, do prompt Irene to go get herself checked out.

Irene & Hailey go to the hospital -0 and the doctor that treats Irene says that the tests they've dome show no indications of a brain tumur. The doctor gives Irene some medication, and tells her to return in a week if the headaches etc don't dissipate.

When Irene arrives home, she's most surprised to see that the table is laid (plates, cutlery) for a meal. Irene is then VERY worried when she sees, and hears, CHLOE !!!! several times (end of ep).

Martha is very annoyed that Alf was treated like a common criminal (when jack & Cory entered surf club in middle of Alf’s debate speech). Colleen insists that things could be worse (think Flynn).

When Alf & Morag rtn to the diner, Morag tells Martha & co that the police questioned Alf about some money that was transferred from the surf club’s account. Alf &* Martha are both very angry, and insist that they know its josh. Morag however insists that they need POROOF before they can truly fight this.

Next day, at beach house, Martha asks Cory if he can help them in any way. Cory says that he'll try. When jack arrives, Martha majorly has a go at jack for treating Alf this way. Mind you, I don’t think Martha needs an excuse to be annoyed at jack theses days.

At the diner, Martha & morag are talking to Alf about what's happened. Jack * Cory arrive. They have a warrant to go through all surf club books. Alf & Morag take it in their stride (as they know Alf’s not done anything wrong)(but Martha takes the opportunity to have a go at jack. she is partic annoyed because of the way aft "stood up" for jack when all that kafuffle about jack shooting that girl in the city hit town.

At the surf club, jack & Cory approach Alf. They insist that Alf is to accompany them to the station. This is after they tell Alf, Morag & Martha $10000 was transfer form the surf club bank account to Alf’s personal account. It was done via internet banking, under Alf’s logon ID !!!!!!!


Whilst Josh plans to destroy the bay, Alf fights this evil smear campaign (note - the ppl in the bay are idiots to believe this, but then again, Aussie did re-elect john Howard as PM at this time last year.

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