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Thursday 6 October 2005 - Episode # 4064

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Breaking Point“

Josh insists to Morag that he knows that he’s done terrible things in the past, but he also insists that he’s changed.

When Morag has gone, josh phones someone. Josh insists that they need to devise a Plan against alf (and Morag).

When Morag returns to the diner, she tells alf that she doesn’t believe josh for a minute, ie she’s KNOWS that hes’ up to something.

Moments later, a local business approaches alf, with a rather large donation for alf’s campaign. Alf is quite surprised – but accepts the donation.

Soon after, the same businessman approaches josh at the gym. The businessman tells josh that alf accepted the donation. Josh says that they’ve got alf “hook, line & sinkerâ€.

Later, at the surf club, josh gives his spiel for the debate. When he’s done, colleen insist that alf is going well. Alf doesn’t think so – and Morag concurs, she then gives alf some ammunition against josh.

Alf then begins to remind the assembled crowd about all of josh’s underhand dealings in the past.

However, mid speech, jack & Cory arrive – on official business. They “ask†alf to accompany them to the station, as they’ve received a tip off about campaign funds fraud (end of ep)

AT the van park house, Ric & Cassie are in the kitchen getting ready for school. Cassie is joking around, playing mum, as she packs Ric’s lunchbox. Cassie is then rather surprised when she sees that Ric got an F in a recent maths test (a subject that he’s good at). Ric insist that he doesn’t care about tests etc, as Flynn is all that matters.

Sally enters the room – and suggests that Cassie & Ric get moving, as they have an exam today.

At SBH, whilst everyone else (incl. Luke & tilly) are asking each other last minute questions for the exam, Ric can’t concentrate on anything except for flynn. Ric then REALLY takes offence to a kid throws a ball at him. Ric & the kid almost come too blows – and its only prevented by dan being there. Sally then approaches – and wonders what’s happening. Dan is curious that sally isn’t angry at Ric etc.

Everyone entrees the exam room, and dan & sally tell the students (incl. Tilly, Luke, Ric & Cassie_ to begin. Sally then quietly rings Flynn – she leaves a message. Soon after, sally exits the room – and dan is clearly concerned.

He’s even more worried when Ric also bails. Dan goes after Ric, who says that he doesn’t care about the exam, as there are more important things in life. Dan convinces roc to go back inside – after wondering how sally etc would be affected if Ric failed this important exam.

Flynn is surprised when sally arrives at the van park house. She tells him that she was worried that he’d not returned her call as yet – Flynn say that he’s been sleeping. Sally tells flyyn that she’s very worried about what’s happening.

Soon after, Dan arrives at the van park house. He tells sally about Ric walking about of the exam. Sally is pleased to hear that dan was able to convince Ric to finish the exam. Its clear that sally is sooooooo close to “breaking†(telling dan what’s happened) but she doesn’t.

When Ric & Cassie return home, sally tells Ric that them that dan called around to the house. Ric says that he doesn’t care about stupid exams etc – but (in a rather emotional, awesome scene) sally tells Ric & Cassie that they all have to be strong, and that their normal routines will help them though all of this – esp. when flynn leaves them (note – sally is totally holding back tears as she speaks – completely wonderful scene).

Soon after, flyyn awakes – and sally is lying there beside him. Sally wishes that this (cancer) hadn’t happened. Flynn tells sally that he’s sooooooooo lucky that they found each other – and sally totally concurs, when Flynn says that he’d rather the couple of happy years they’ve had together rather than a lifetime without sally. (Note – I am TOTALLY loving these sally/flynn scenes).

Soon after, sally is in the kitchen when colleen enters. Colleen starts telling sally about what’s happened so far at the debate (she says this before alf had stated speaking – see above). Sally then “breaks†– she can no longer control her sadness. Colleen tries to console her – and, at this darkest hour, sally tells Colleen about Flynn. Colleen of course is way shocked – and as colleen exits, insists that she won’t tell anyone (note – well, she didn’t tell anyone about kane).

Flynn however overhears sally & Colleen – and when Colleen is gone, Flynn angrily tells sally that he is livid that she’s disobeyed his wishes (and told ppl)


Sally can’t believe it when Flynn refuses further treatment

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