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Tuesday 4 October 2005 - Episode # 4062

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“Amanda, You Don’t Need A Man, But You REALLY Do Need Brain Cells“

Scott, Beth & hayley are all shocked at Amanda’s pregnancy news. Beth seems partic wary when Scott insists that he’ll totally be there for Amanda.

When Scott has reassured Amanda, he wonders (to Beth) where hayley is. Scott then sees for himself that hayley has walked away.

AT the surf club, Hyde tells those who didn’t already know that the wedding if off – but there’s a bigger shock (for the likes of Leah, dan etc) when Beth reveals that Amanda is preggers.

Will tries to talk to kimmy about all of this, and kimmy is annoyed that Will talked to him about postponing the wedding earlier because Will knew of Hayley’s doubts. Will tells kimmy that it’s better in the long run for the child that this has happened

Will then approach hayley - who is on the beach. Will tries to console his sister.

Dan arrives at the flat. He’s quite shocked that this has happened, esp. given Amanda’s pregnancy history (see below). As dan & Amanda talk, she mentions the word ultrasound, just as Scott enters the room. Amanda confirms to Scott that she has booked in for an ultrasound for tomorrow – to check on the approx 6-week pregnancy (because of the whole storm ordeal).

Hayley enters the beach house. Kimmy is in the lounge – and hayley tries to apologise for everything that happened. Kimmy isn’t really interested in what hayley has to say.

Beth arrives at the flat. She wonders how Scott will deal with all of this. Beth aslo wonders where Amanda is - and Scott sys that amend is in the shower. Scott tells Beth that although he really loves hayley, he’s not going to abandon her newfound responsibility with Amanda. Unsurprisingly, Amanda hears all of this – she is pleased. She enters the room – and its still clear to her that Beth isn’t exactly ecstatic with all of this.

After Beth bails, Scott tells Amanda that he phoned the hospital – and he’s got her an ultrasound appointment for this afternoon. Amanda is (naturally) furious that Scott has done this. She however this anger has saying the its her body & her pregnancy etc. Scott insists that it’s his baby too – and that he wants that best for it. The seemingly disgusted Amanda bails.

As she’s walking, she encounters josh, who already knows about the “pregnancyâ€. Amanda is NOT pleased when josh accuses her of trapping Scot with the pregnancy. Amanda is sooooo annoyed that she backhands josh with an awesome slap across the face. As Amanda storms away, josh laughs of the situation.

Scott encounters hayley at the beach. Scott wonders what hayley was going to say at the wharf before Amanda “broke†the news of her pregnancy. Scott is very pleased that hayley broke off the wedding because of her feeling for him. Scott insists that he loves hayley, but makes it clear that he’ll be there for Amanda. Scott goes to kiss hayley – but she thinks that it’s not the right thing to do at the moment. Hayley then walks away – leaving Scott more than a little disillusioned.

Hayley returns to the beach house. She is surprised to see kimmy packing his bags. Kimmy insists that he has to get away for a while. Hayley thinks that it should be her that moves up. Hayley tries to apologise once more – but kimmy doesn’t nee to hear it again. Hayley is in tears as kimmy exits.

AT the diner, dan & alf & others are talking about a public meeting that josh has arranged. Alf is concerned that the ppl of the bay have forgotten how evil josh is – and he tells dan that he’ll definitely be at the meeting.

Scott & dan talks about Amanda, dan assures scott that Amanda’s "freak out" about the ultrasound DOES make sense - if Scott knew her history. Scott is then surprised when dan tells him that Amanda is currently at the hospital.

At the hospital, Amanda approaches Bert. She asks him for a REALLY big favour. Amanda turns on the sex appeal - as she tells Bert that her bf is a “tad†possessive, but she knows that he’ll go away soon if she’s preggers.

Soon after, Scott enters the hospital. He sees Amanda – and wonders why she didn’t contact him about the ultrasound. Amanda insists that the hospital rang her because there was a cancellation – and Bert concurs with what Amanda has said. Bert then hands Amanda the ultrasound pic of “her†bub.

Back at the flat, Scott asks Amanda what dan was talking about. Amanda tells cot that Ryan wasn’t her 1-st pregnancy – as Amanda was pregnant when she was just 14 years old. Amanda tells Scott the harrowing tale of how the child (a girl) was stillborn. Amanda was distraught because the nurses wouldn’t let her even see the child – and she once thought that she heard the bay girl cry (but knows that must have been in her head),

Meanwhile, at the hospital, josh approaches Bert. Josh wonders what Amanda is up to now. (end of ep)


Josh will go public with Amanda’s fake pregnancy – if she doesn’t help him !!!!

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