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Monday 3 October 2005 - Episode # 4061

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Beachy Amandaâ€

Will tells hayley & kimmy that the marquee for the wedding appears to be totalled. When will is out of the room, kimmy wonders if the wedding venue is Hayley’s only concern about tomorrow.

Next morning, the likes of Beth, alf & Tony are at the surf club. Many are concerned/surprised when they hear that Scott & Amanda were seen getting into a couple of boats late last night. Beth seems partic concerned - esp. since she knows that Scott usually wouldn’t go out if there is a storm on the way. Alf then gets word that the boats used by Amanda & Scott have been found - but Amanda & Scott are still missing.

Meanwhile, at the weeding venue, the like of Hyde, Robbie, will & kimmy try to get the marquee etc back in place. As they do so, kimmy is so concerned by will starts saying that getting married young is very hard - esp. when a baby is involved. Kimmy assures Will that he totally loves hayley & the bub - and that all will go well.

AT the beach house, hayley looks at herself in the mirror - as she’s just put the wedding dress on. Leah enters the room - and wonders why hayley doesn’t exactly look like the happy bride that Leah expected to see. Hayley then tells Leah that she’s still in love with Scott. Leah can’t believe it - whilst hayley bursts into tears because everything is such a mess.

Speaking of which, at the country house, despite the damage, kimmy is determined to get married today.

Meanwhile, on a beach somewhere, Amanda awakes - and I have to say, I found her dishevelled look (hair all over the place etc) quite sexy. She immediately starts calling out “Scottâ€. Amanda walks down this unknown beach a little - and she sees something. Amanda ruins to it - but its only Scott’s jacket. Things get better moments later when Scott approaches. Amanda is so pleased to see him.

However, Amanda decides to confront scott about what he said that previous night - and Amanda is heartbroken when scott tells her that although he DOES love Amanda, he KNOWS to he loves hayley more. Amanda, naturally, is distraught.

Meanwhile, the likes of hayley (now wearing a red top), Leah, kimmy, will etc arrive at the surf club. All (partic hayley) are shocked when they hear that Scott & Amanda are missing.

By this stage, alf has set up rescue base (with maps etc). Kimmy & the others are keen to find the missing 2 but alf says that seas are too rough at present.

Nearby, Leah (great purple top) talks to hayley about what’s happened.

Soon after, Alf gets word that the conditions are good now - and he arrange 3 separates rescues crews - and one includes kimmy.

Later, Kimmy’s team returns to the surf club/ they had no luck - but need to rehydrate etc. kimmy approaches hayley. He thinks that maybe because of the problems with the marquee and now this rescue situation that maybe they should postpone the wedding. Hayley is all but in tears where she agrees. Hayley then runs away.

Kimmy follows her - and finds her on the main beach. Like Scott with Amanda, hayley tells kimmy that although she does love kimmy, she just knows that she loves Scott more. Hayley adds that she didn’t think it was possible to love 2 ppl at the same time, and that recent encounters with Scott (incl. the birthing class) made hayley realise how much she still fells for Scott.

Amanda & Scott are sitting side by side on the beach. Amanda even has her arms around Scott - despite his admission of love for hayley. Both are V plaesed when they hear, and see, a rescuer boat approaching.

Meanwhile, at the surf club, all are shocked when kimmy & Hayley announce that the wedding isn’t just postponed - it’s (totally) OFF. Hyde consoles kimmy - as alf gets a radio message telling him that Scott & Amanda have been rescued.

Soon after, the rescue boat approaches the wharf. Beth & hayley are there to meet Scott, Amanda & the rescuers.

Hayley tells Scott that the wedding is off, but then Amanda has the last word.

She says, “What about the baby“ and just when you’re thinking that Amanda has lost Scott so she’ll tell that truth about the paternity of Hayley’s bub, Amanda exclaims “I’M pregnant !!!!!!!!!!†(end of ep)


How will Amanda continue her pregnancy lie - esp. when Scott suggests an ultrasound?

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