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Thursday 29 September 2005 - Episode # 4059

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Sleeping Beauty“

Jack & Cory are in their patrol car on a country road. they see a car - Irene's - crashed at the side of the road. jack & Cory exit their car - and see that Irene's car has smoke coming form the bonnet - as the front of the car is stoved in because it has hit a tree. cory & Jack look for Irene. they find her moments later. she is muchly in shock.

jack & Cory take Irene home - and Hayley is rather shocked when the 2 police officers enter the house with Irene. they tell Hayley what's occurred.

when Irene is feeling better (ie not in total shock), she tells jack & Cory that she thinks her brakes were sabotaged. Irene is quite adamant that someone (Amanda) is trying to get revenge on her. jack & Cory tell Irene & Hayley that they will thoroughly check Irene;s car

later, jack & Cory return to the beach house. when Irene asks, the police say that her brakes weren't cut - but the pads are V worn. jack & Cory wonder what state the pads were in when Irene bought the car. Irene says that the person who sold it to her suggested that the pads should be replaced soon. despite saying this, Irene still thinks that her car was tampered with.

Irene then wondering if Hayley & Cory have been hear the doors rattling etc at night time. both say that they haven't.

when Irene is out of the room, Cory tells Hayley that he sleeps like a log, but both are really concerned for Irene.

It's late at night now, and Irene is in the bathroom when she hears noises (kinda voice like). she goes into the lounge. she hears someone at the front t door - and looks through the blinds. Irene looks like she'd being driven crazy by the voices etc. (end of ep)

Jack & Cory are at Noah's. Martha approaches - and she & Cory arranges a date fro tonight. when Martha has walked away, Cory senses that Jack isn't handling their (Martha/Cory) relationship, so he asks if jack is cool with it. jack insists that he has no problems with Cory/Martha.

Jack & cory gets a radio call about a armed robbery in progress at a boat shed. they immediately head to the scene of the crime.

when they arrive, Cory & jack peer through a window. they can see that the robber had a shot gun. jack & Cory draw their weapons, and prepare to capture the criminal. at the moment, Martha comes around the corner of the building where the crime is taken place. jack can't believe that she just happens to be there right at this moment.

Cory then sees that he robber has exited the building and has jumped into a getaway car. jack & Cory run to their car - to give chase.

late, jack & Cory are at Noah's. Cory thinks that jack was badly distracted because it was Martha that they encountered at the crime scene - ie Cory thinks that jack would have been lees affected if it had have been anyone but his ex. Cory indicates that he is going to put this into his report of what happened. jack insists that he is he superior officer in this case - and that Cory should toe the line (and not incl. these comments about jack's reaction to Martha).

soon after (still at Noah's) Cory encounters the top cop of the local station - and the guy's wife. The top cop asks if Cory has completed his report. Cory insists that it will be done 1-st thing tomorrow. Top cop sense that Cory is troubled - and he "suggests" that Cory should include ALL the facts in his report.

Flynn tells Ric & Cassie that a skin cancer that he had left unchecked led to cancer forming in much of his body, incl. brain, liver & kidneys.

Cassie enquires when Flynn will be cured, ie when the chemo will defeat the cancers, but Ric KNOWS what's going on. Sally & Flynn confirm this - by stying that that chemo is to give Flynn more time before he succumbs. Cassie starts balling - before she bails, whilst Ric seems to be too stunned for any kind of emotional response.

soon after, sally & Flynn are in their bedroom. they wonder if now was the right time to tell Cassie & Ric. they also talk about how much true love each other (all V emotional, and moving).

Cassie returns to the house. Ric is still just sitting there in the lounge. Cassie suggests that Ric REALLY should get some fresh air. Ric isn't in the mood to deal with anything, so he agrees with Cassie and they exit.

Back in the bedroom, Flynn awakes - and is most surprised to see that sally is asleep beside him. Flynn wakes sally - who is a little surprised, but pleased, that she fell asleep beside the love of her life. sally talk lovingly towards each other - before sally suggests that she's going to go and meal some of Flynn's fave soup.

At the diner, Ric & Cassie talk about moving out - so sally & Flynn can concentrate all their energies on each other and baby Pippa. Cassie is concerned about where she'll go - as Ric can live with Alf, but her situation isn't as easy. Ric suggests the Hunter house, but Cassie isn't overly keen on that idea. (note - whilst i CAN see the logic of this plan, this is NO time for logic, just emotion)

Alf approaches Ric & Cassie. They "just know" that he knows about Flynn. Ric asks if he can move to the diner flat. Alf is, well, disgusted by the thought of Ric & Cassie deserting sally & Flynn. Ric & Cassie try to explain why - but Alf's not having a bar of it. he insets that Ric & Cassie need to be there for sally & Flynn like never before - and Ric finally begins to cry, as he admits that he doesn't want to Flynn to die etc. (note - GREAT scene !!!! Alf was totally sublime)

Sally & Flynn arrives downstairs at the van park house - and Ric & Cassie apologise if they woke Flynn. they tell sally & Flynn that they ARE going to totally be there for sally & Flynn - and they've begun by doing things cooking a stew like dish which they can store in the fridge, and by drawing up a roster etc. Flynn & sally are clearly V pleased with Ric & Cassie's efforts


Hayley's having 2-nd thoughts about the weeding, whilst Scott & Amanda are having BIG emotional issues of their own (which leads to them being lost at sea)

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