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Wednesday 28 September 2005 - Episode # 4058

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Vote 1 Alf“

AT the diner, colleen complains to alf about Irene constantly arriving late for work recently.

Meanwhile, Irene is at home. She takes some pills and is about to head off for work when josh arrives.

He’ wants to speak to Tash. Irene tells him that Tash doesn’t live here any more, but won’t reveal where she now resides. Josh isn’t surprised by Irene’s reaction, but suggests he deserve a 2-nd chance (like Irene). Josh then isn’t impressed with various other comments form Irene - and assures her that those threats might come back to haunt her.

When Irene arrives at work, colleen (off course) has a go at her. Irene was already in a bad mood (josh etc) so she “suggests†that colleen should just get back to work - or she’ll be fired.

Soon after, josh enters the diner, and Irene can’t believe that colleen is giving josh that 2-nd chance.

When josh has exited, Irene is trying to convince colleen that josh is still the snake he always has been. The stressed Irene then suddenly clutches her forehead - before she collapses.

Flynn arrives - and “suggests†that Irene shouldn’t be mixing her medication.

When Flynn has gone, colleen & alf suggests that Irene should go home and rest. Irene initially protests, but she eventually decides to bail.

On the way home, you can see that Irene (like she is throughout the ep) is very tired, stressed etc. As she’s driving, we can see that she is approaching a barrier in the road - but Irene doesn’t see it until she right near it. She stomps on the brakes - but she doesn’t appear to slow at all (end of ep)

AT the diner, colleen can’t believe that the recently resigned mayor was involved in an extra marital fling, but alf suggests that the guy is known to chase anything in a skirt (as humorous thoughts of Erica enter my mind).

Josh then pays Irene a visit at the beach house (see above).

Soon after, josh is at the surf club. He encounters Tilly & Luke. He offers to pay them to put some “josh for mayor†posters up. Tilly & Luke agree to do so.

Josh then speaks to the patrons at Noah’s. He offers to do something about the crime rate etc - and offers all that are there a free drink.

Tilly & Luke are putting at the poster near the beach, and Tilly comments that josh’s name sounds familiar but she can’t think of why.

Alf approaches Tilly & Luke - and wonders what they are doing. They show him the posters, and alf’s not pleased.

Soon after, Tilly & Luke enter the surf club - and tell josh that they can’t put up his posters. When josh wonders what the problem is, Tilly sys that alf is the problem.

A little later, alf confronts josh about the posters. This is when colleen sides with josh (2-nnd chances etc) but Irene & alf both know that colleen is saying that because of josh greatly compensating her for the mobile home.

When josh has bailed, alf suggests that someone should take a stand against josh (and run for mayor). Luke suggests that alf should stand for mayor. Luke & Tilly offer to help alf, esp. since Tilly mentions that Luke is GREAT at political studies at school.

Alf approaches josh at the gym. Josh is surprised that alf is going to rum for mayor. Indeed, josh thinks it’s a concern that alf is only running for mayor because of petty vengeance against josh. Alf assure josh that he’s doing so for MANY more reason that just josh. (Note - I LOVE it when alf gets all town spirited. It’s when alf is at his V best)

When alf returns to the diner, Luke & Tilly begin to help alf with his campaign platform.

Meanwhile, at the gym, josh is talking to a guy he’s not seen before. Josh assure the guy that alf won’t be a problem. The other guy isn’t so sure - as alf has “the home ground advantageâ€. The unknown guy comments that a LOT is riding on this, ie josh becoming mayor (note - I’m thinking josh is still trying to build high rise buildings etc in the bay).

When Flynn arrive home, he goes straight to the bedroom to rest. Sally is V worried about Flynn.

Soon after, alf arrives at the van park house. He gives sally one of the fish he’s caught. Sally & alf then talk about Flynn - and alf consoles sally with a hug.

Sally & alf break off form the hug when they hear Cassie & Co approaching.

Tilly, Ric, Cassie & Luke enter - and they begin to make a home made pizza. Whilst the teen are doing so, they comment on Flynn’s recent behaviour (not going for runs in the morning). They ask if sally if she wants some (pizza), and they also wonder if Flynn would like some. The V emotional Sally gets a bit snappy with them - so Luke & Tilly decide to bail, whilst Ric & Cassie REALLY begin to wonder what’s going on.

Flynn gets a phone call form colleen (about Irene collapsing). Sally can see that Flynn is V run down, but he insists on going to help Irene.

After Flynn returns to the van park house (and goes to lie down again), Ric & Cassie are REALLY worried about what’s going on. They speculate that Flynn & sally are fighting again, but keeping it form them.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Flynn & sally have differing viewpoints about when they should tell Ric & Cassie. Sally knows that they suspect something, but Flynn isn’t keen on telling them just yet, Flynn then feels really unwell, ie he vomits - and Ric & Cassie hear it, as they are upstairs at the time.

Son after, Ric & Cassie ask sally what’s going on. Sally tries to tell them its nothing, but Flynn descends the stirs, and it look like he is going to tell them what’s happening.


Ric & Cassie react to the Flynn’s terrible news

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