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Tuesday 27 September 2005 - Episode # 4057

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Appetite For Destructionâ€

Amanda continues to protest against josh’s mayor plans - but Josh insists that he will go to hayley & Co with the news of the paternity. Amanda has to agree to josh’s plan - ie josh wants Amanda to lure the major to a partic park and he’ll do the rest (ie take the pics).

Hayley asks Scott to help her with Kimmy’s surprise - and during the conversation, Beth picks up on Scott’s feelings for Hayley. When hayley has bailed, Scott admits to Beth that he does still love hayley, but there is nothing that he can do about it.

Amanda gets dolled up (gold mesh top etc) for her “date†with the mayor when dan arrives with Ryan. Amanda has clearly forgotten that she is minding Ryan today - but she doesn’t rally protest.

Soon after, Amanda & Ryan are playing soon magical type dress up game - and Ryan sees that Amanda is constantly checking her watch.

Josh rings Amanda - and asks if she’s in place. Amanda tells him that she can’t get there - as she’s with Ryan etc. josh tells Amanda that he’s about to speak to hayley, kimmy & Scott.

Amanda gets worried - and decides to go ahead with josh’ plans. She tells Ryan that they have to play a game - that they both don’t know josh. Amanda & Ryan exit the Flat.

Josh approaches kimmy & Co. - and says that he has something important to tell them.

Meanwhile, Amanda & Ryan are rushing towards the surf club (where josh etc is).

Josh says “hayley, your baby is…. “ when Amanda & Ryan suddenly enter. Amanda hopes they’ve not interrupted anything important. She then introduces herself to josh - and introduces Ryan as well.

When Amanda has left the room, Hayley wonders what josh was about to say (before Amanda interrupted). Josh says that he perhaps hoped that she was waiting for him to return etc (memories of kit with kimmy) and that he wished hayley & kimmy all the best with their upcoming wedding.

Amanda then asks Scott to kook after Ryan for a bit - because she (supposedly) has a parent/teacher thing to go to. Scott agrees to do so - and Ryan goes with Scott & hayley to pick up Kimmy’s surprise present.

Meanwhile, Amanda goes to the shire office, and meets the mayor. Amanda tells the mayor that her name is Amy and that she writing a book about independent council mayors across the country. Amanda, of course, muchly turns on the sex appeal - and the mayor agrees to speak to Amanda elsewhere (ie at the spot where josh is waiting).

Scott, hayley & Ryan pick up Kimmy’s pressie - a sunbed for the gym. Scott thinks it’s a great idea - but wonders how she will keep it a secret form kimmy. Hayley insists that kimmy won’t be going near the gym before the wedding/. Ryan comments that Scott & hayley are still so friendly towards each other esp. in light of the fact that they used to be a couple.

At this point, dan approaches Scott etc. he wonders why Ryan isn’t with Amanda - and dan isn’t impressed when Ryan tells him about the parent/teacher thing (ie dan suspects that Amanda is lying).

It’s night time now, and josh & Amanda meet at the wharf. Josh thanks Amanda for her performance with the mayor, but tells Amanda that this still isn’t enough to wipe the slate clean. Amanda insists that if josh goes public with the antics in America, she’ll take him down with her - but Amanda KNOWS that she doesn’t have to upper hand.

Dan arrives at the flat - and he’s REALLY annoyed with Amanda for the parent/teacher lie etc.

At the gym, hayley has just put a bow on the bed with the sunbed in it. Kimmy enters the gym, and hayley is most surprised. Kimmy adores Hayley’s wedding gift.

AT Noah’s, the mayor approaches josh. The guy thinks josh is a reporter, but josh insists that he isn’t. Josh then shows the mayor plenty of black & white pics of the mayor with Amanda. Josh threatens to go public with the pics IF the mayor doesn’t resign.

Next morning, alf enters the diner, and comments on the front-page story of the newspaper - that the mayor has resigned. Alf thinks it’s a good thing, as it will lead to the council get8ting much needed flesh blood.

Meanwhile, at the surf club, josh is on the phone. He says words like “these look great†before he orders many more to be printed. Josh tells the person on the other end of the line that “the bay won’t know what’s hit itâ€. When josh is off the phone, we see the “Josh for mayor†pamphlet in his hand. (Note 1 - I LOVE that we can TOTALLY love to hate Josh again. Note 2 -end of ep)


Josh’s revenge on the bay truly begins - and it looks like Irene is the 1-st in the firing line (eg she’s driving - and the brakes aren’t working)

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