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Friday 23 September 2005 - Episode # 4055

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Between A Rock & A Hard Place !!!!â€

Tilly & Luke tell Cassie that the dare (abseil) is too much, but ric continues to goad Cassie, which makes her want to do the dare even more.

Tony "suggests" that the 4some don't try anything else - after hearing about ric dressing like a girl etc.

When Tony is gone, Cassie says that she's still going ahead with the dare - and Tilly and Luke try to get ric to tell Cassie tat the dare is madness. Ric, however, thinks that Cassie will get to the top of the cliff and chicken out (so that's why he' goading her).

When they arrive at the van park house, sally & Flynn tell Cassie, ric & Tilly (Luke has decided to obey his father’s wishes) that they'll be out for a while. When sally & Flynn are gone, ric & Cassie comment that sally & Flynn AREN'T behaving normally (see blow).

Cassie also however thinks that its sally & Flynn are gone, so she gets Flynn’s abseil gear. Whilst she is doing so Tilly once more tries to convince ric to get Cassie to stop this madness.

The trio arrives at the cliff - and ric still thinks Cassie will chicken out.

This opinion changes when Cassie throws the abseil rope from the top of the cliff. Tilly, ric & the recently arrived Luke are now REALLY worried.

Cassie begins to abseil down - and she’s going well, and her hair gets caught in the harness.

After Luke & Tilly go to get help, ric tells Cassie that she can make it through this - as she's the bravest person he knows.

Tilly & Luke runs into the surf club - they tell Tony & Beth about Cassie. Tony is not exactly pleased that the dares continued.

Tilly & co rush back to the cliff. Tony is pleased that they bought extra abseil ropes - so he goes to the top if the cliff and lowers a rope down to Cassie. She uses the other rope to support her legs so she can extract her hair form the harness. When Cassie has freed herself, ric slowly lowers her to the ground.

When they are all back at the van park house, Tony (and to a lesser extent_) Beth have a go at the teens because of the dares.

When Tilly, Luke, Beth & Tony bail, Cassie thanks ric for being there for her today. She kisses him on the cheek, before the kiss on the lips and that 2-nd kiss was seen by Tilly (who'd gone back into the house because she'd forgotten something). Tilly smiled - as her plan had worked (i.e. ric/cassie back together).

Alf sees sally at the diner. He goes over to where she is sitting and asks her out Flynn’s cancer. Sally says that Flynn’s 1-st chemo session today. Also, when asked by Alf, sally says that they've not told Cassie & ric as yet.

Later, Flynn & sally tell are about to go to Flynn’s chemo session when Cassie, ric & Tilly arrive at the van park house. That's when ric & Cassie comment about sally & Flynn acting strangely (see above).

Sally & flying arrive at the hospital - and Flynn begins his 1-st chemo session. As it continues, sally notices to Flynn looks hike his about to vomit (note - Flynn going to chemo thing MUCHLY reminded me of Kane last year).

Leah & Dan are talking about becoming part of the IVF program when Amanda approaches. She reminds Dan that he'd agreed to look after Ryan tonight. Dan says that he & Leah have made plans, but that he will look after Ryan.

When Amanda walks away, Leah isn't pleased that dan backed down to Amanda like that (esp. since she & dam had plans as well). Dan insists that he's stuck in the middle) of Leah & Amanda).

When dan bails, Leah approaches Amanda - but she doesn’t' attack like I thought that she might. Leah instead tells Amanda that they should find a way of being civil to each other etc.

When Leah walks away, Amanda is just sitting there by herself - so you know that she's going to get a text messsge - and she does. Her "friend" says that they're arriving in the bay today. Amanda, naturally, looked quite worried.

Soon after, she approaches dan at the surf club. She asks her for a loan - of $5000. She tells him that she had to get involved with a loan shark because she was already too indebted with the banks. Amanda assures dan that she can steadily pay him back (esp. since she knows a friend in the city with owes her same favors). Dan agrees to the loan - and Amanda is V thankful.

When Amanda walks way, the nearby Leah approaches dan. She tells him that she herds everything - and can't believe that he'd loan Amanda that much without consulting. Leah is partic concerned because the IVF will test their relationship like never before - and she's not sure she can trust him. Dan assures Leah that she can (trust him).

Later, Amanda is standing on the rocks at the ocean’s edge. She looks V apprehensive. Seconds later, her mysterious creditor approaches - it is, of course, POSH Josh West (end of ep)


Amanda is at Josh's mercy !!!! Also, Hayley is having 2-nd thoughts about marrying kimmy (she tells this to Will - who now has a beard) AND Amanda & Scott are lost at sea

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