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Thursday 22 September 2005 - Episode # 4054

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"Patriotic Tilly ….. AND Her Friend Erica !!!"

Martha & Cory seem to be getting closer by the microsecond, but (and this could just be my "take" on things) Martha appears t be either on the rebound from jack, or trying to make him jealous.

Speaking of jack, he tells Martha that he totally OK with the Martha/Cory relationship, but you certainly get the

Jack isn’t the only person concerned with the way Martha is behaving, as Tony also seems very intrigued.

Later, a conversation between Martha & Cory is overheard by colleen - and this leads to Cory landing a room at the beach house (see below).

The ep begins with policeman jack & Cory at the beach house. when asked, Irene tells that that she can't notice that anyone has actually been stolen. All (esp. Hayley) are surprised when Irene suggests that Amanda is responsible for this. Jack says that Amanda was at the hospital all night - but Irene counters this by suggesting that Amanda got one of her "friends" to do it. jack & Cory exit - after telling Irene that they'll investigate the possibility.

after they are gone, Irene locks all the doors - and soon after, she has a MAYOR go at Hayley for leaving the back door unlocked (after Hayley went outside to get the washing).

Irene gets even more frantic a little later when she can't find her handbag. she tells Hayley that it was stolen when Hayley left the back door unlocked. Hayley searches for the handbag, and sees that it was underneath some clothing on the couch.

Soon after, Irene is at the diner when colleen overhears Martha & Cory talking about him wanting to find some better accommodation. Colleen tells this to Irene, and Irene agrees with colleen's suggestion that having a policeman living at her place is a V good idea.

Cory is ecstatic when Irene tells him that he can move in - and colleen says that when she said the room wasn't available (yesterday) that it was just a misunderstanding.

Later, Irene is alone at the beach house. she's keeps hearing noises at both the front and the back door. Irene is V scared (end of ep).

Tilly & Luke enter the diner, and Tilly is REALLY keen to find a way to get Ric & Cassie back together. Luke thinks that Tilly shouldn't play matchmaker - but Tilly suggests that they should all watch a DVD together (about a couple that are meant to be together).

When they arrive at the Holden house, Ric & Cassie aren't so keen on the movie, so they decide to play a game of dares.

It's Tilly's turn 1st - and after the 4some enter the diner, Tilly stands atop one of the tables, and SINGS the Aussie national anthem (note - i have to say, i think that Indiana has a great voice.

Next, it's Ric turn. He approaches the bar at Noah's - to get some drinks for the gang - with Alf working at the time. Alf is astonished when he sees the Ric in dressed like a girl (incl. a mid riff-exposing pink OST and a flower in his hair).

Luke decides to go next - and Cassie mentions that he might NOT have such good relations with his brother after today.

Cassie & Tilly ask Jack all kinds of questions about being a policeman - and yo can just tell that it's a diversionary tactic.

Seconds later, we see why the girls were so inquisitive, as when jack goes outside, his police car is covered in toilet paper (note - i just can't imagine who could have done that ???)

Finally, it's Cassie's turn. Tilly initially suggests that Cassie & Ric should spend the night camping in the bush - but Ric suggests that Cassie should abseil down to a beach. Cassie accepts the dare.


Amanda's mystery man (aka JOSH WEST) hits town, whilst there's - of course - BIG trouble when Cassie does her dare !!!

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