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Tuesday 20 September 2005 - Episode # 4052

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “How Do I Live Without You ???â€

There’s a few moments of complete silence - before sally wonders what kind of treatment option there is etc. although sally doesn’t want to hear it, Flynn tell her the awful truth - that he’s only got 3 months to live.

Sally then launches into MAJOR verbal attack on Flynn. She tells him that she thinks he’s a total hypocrite for lecturing the likes of Tilly & Cassie are sun safety yet he never got THAT mole checked.

However, despite sally’s rage, you can tell that this attack isn’t coming out of anger - it’s coming for FEAR, which sally totally admits when she all but completely breaks down when she asked flynn just how is she going to live the rest of her life without him. Flynn goes to hug her, but sally is ready for that just yet. She pulls away from him - and runs out of the house.

We then see a great intercut scene - with Sally running down to the rocks behind the rock pool, and balling when she gets there. Meanwhile, back at the van park house, Flynn sees THAT suitcase he opens it, and sees the plane tickets. We then picks up a few of the other things - colleen’s photo of the pope, a Ferrari flag, and the emotions of his situation TRULY gets to him after he picks up a small cup - which he throws at the mantle piece … it hits some of the family photos.

Soon after, Flynn is cleaning up the mess - as that moment of frustration has led to the glass from the framed pic of sally/flynn wedding to break.

Sally then returns - both are calmer now, and both admit that they are not ready to tell Ric & Cassie about this just yet.

Later, Flynn is at the beach when he drops to his knees (right at the water’s edge) and starts balling.

Alf approaches Flynn - and Flynn tells alf that he can’t truly express what he’s feeling at the moment to sally. Flynn insists that he’ll help Flynn & sally through all of this.

Soon after, sally is watching her watching video when alf arrives. Sally can tell that alf knows - and the old long time friends hug (note - throughout thus scene, all we heard is sally & Flynn’s wedding song - the one with the lyrics “ …. something old, something blue … “)

The already distressed Amanda (see ep 4051) is given a lecture on parenting by Leah - because Amanda missed Ryan’s play. Amanda tries to use Leah’s own situation (VJ still with grand parents) but Leah isn’t going to let Amanda win this battle.

Later, Amanda talks to kimmy about the whole baby situation. Kimmy admits that if the baby had been Scott’s, that hayley/scott would most likely be together. Kimmy also says that since they discovered that bub is his, kimmy & hayley have truly bonded with each other. Amanda seems V pleased by this - as it sounds like there’s no chance of hayley/scott getting back together.

Meanwhile, hayley is at the farm property where she wants to get married - as she‘s going to give the place the “once over†before she pays the deposit etc. the guy who owns the place is about to take hayley on a tour of the property when scott approaches. Hayley wonders why Scott is there. The owner of the place is called away to the phone, so Scott agrees to give hayley the tour.

As they begin, Scott tells hayley that he’d just been riding on a friend’s horse - as the friend is in the city and wanted horse to get exercise etc.

As the tour continues, hayley thanks Scott for the MANY great ideas that he has for both the ceremony and for where the photographs could be taken. (Note - you have to love Scott, just for the fact that, even though HE is not with Hayley, he still wants her to be V happy).

Soon after, Amanda & scoot enter the surf club, and Scott is pleasantly surprised when Amanda tells him that she’s longer concerned about his friendship with Hayley.

Amanda & Scott then sit with hayley & kimmy/. Amanda is V pleased when hayley invites her to the hen’s night. Kimmy, however, is concerned that everyone EXECEPT him seems to know where he & hayley are getting married.

Amanda’s phone rings. She tells the others that she needs to leave the room to take the call. It’s her friend Darryl, who tells her that the test results are ready, and that an associate of his in nearby in the surf club. Amanda spots a guy in a tux nearby - so she thanks before hanging up.

Amanda approaches the guy in the tux - and he gives her a yellow envelope. When the guy is gone, Amanda opens the envelope - and she sees that Scott is the father of Hayley’s baby.

As Amanda goes to rejoin scott & the others, the usual positive, carefree look on her face is long gone - indeed, Amanda looks V worried (end of ep)


After Amanda is accidentally run over by Irene, will the info about the father of Hayley’s bub become public knowledge?

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